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Headlines From Hedgehog Hollow – Page 17, the last

Did you enjoy our little magazine? What was your favourite part?

-The Hedgehog Hollow Crew (to be clear, that’s Nicole, Sophie, Victoria, Jack Sloth, Moma Hazel, Wilhelmina and our honourary member, Horsey Dear – no ForestPoodle88. This blog is ours now!)

2 thoughts on “Headlines From Hedgehog Hollow – Page 17, the last

  1. Aww, this is the last page?? I’ve really enjoyed reading this, especially the longer features – Sophie the Storyteller, News with Nicole, Victoria’s View. You’re all going to have to keep up with posting if ForestPoodle88 isn’t part of this anymore though!

    ~ FlamyFox13


    1. Thanks, that means so much to us! I have a feeling ForestPoodle will try to take back over, but we’re gonna try our best not to let her come back! Dolls forever! (but she is pretty nice, so maybe we’ll let her have guest posts every so often)
      (*yelling in background from Nicole* We must unite to take over doll-bloggy things!!)
      -Victoria- (on behalf on the Hedgehog Hollow Crew)


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