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Red and White | A Canada Day Photo Shoot

Today, July 1st, is Canada Day! So in honour of the country I live in, I decided to take the dolls out for a celebratory photo shoot.


For some reason, although I’m Canadian, my dolls don’t have any red and white clothing – Nicole just has a red dress and a white dress. I’ll have to work on that one for next year, eh? (I haven’t said that one in real life much though, and contrary to popular belief, we do not say ‘aboot’.)


Sophie got to wear one of Nicole’s dresses, and she wore the other. I had to use accessories to make sure that each doll was wearing both colours.


This my favourite picture. It worked better than the others, considering that it is hard to get Sophie to stand, and it looks so festive.


Sophie: Why did I have to wear a white dress with my hair so . . . fancy?!

Me: Because.

At least I let her wear her gladiator sandals and that rope belt.


I’m pretty pleased with this picture too.


Of course, the obligatory doll shoe picture! (They’re Hailey’s shoes, in case you were wondering. Nicole only has pink ones for some reason.)


Now all we need is fireworks! . . . and to be able to have social gatherings. :(


I hope that everyone is able to celebrate this day in their own way – or at least wear red and white. :)

Happy Canada Day!


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