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A Mystery of the Sisterly Sort | Part 1: A Strange Note

Hello again! Fancy seeing all of you here! XD

I’ve got a photo story here that I took back in, hmmm, May, maybe?

Well, it’s sort of a photo story, sort of an interactive-something. I’m not too sure, but you’ll see anyway.

*  *  *


Sophie had gotten up late and was eating her breakfast in the kitchen-room-thing (which has since been moved and rearranged, but that’s okay).


She was in the middle of a nice bite of Pygmy Puff cereal (her favourite) when she noticed a book on the table.

eeeee! Blurry picture!

A book? Sophie said. Books do NOT belong on the table. No way! Food and books don’t mix! But there it was, with a note right on top. 


Sophie glanced at the note and, seeing that it was from Nicole, she pulled open a drawer to grab a pencil and paper.


Sophie read the note and started to reply in yellow marker, because she loves writing in yellow and because it annoys Nicole. You have to annoy sisters when you can.


The note looked a little funny though, so Sophie found her magnifying glass and investigated the note.


The note read (in case the above picture is not clear):

hi sophie,

WHEn do you want to REad wiTH mE? Maybe ON tueSday or Thursday? EveRy SingLe day? I loVE you. 


What?! said Sophie out loud. You told me last week to capitalize the beginnin’ of names and now you’re not gonna do it yourself?! Hmmphf!

After a very thorough investigation, Sophie found – well, I’m not going to tell you what she found. You’ll have to do that yourself. XD (Seriously, though. This is what I meant by it sort of being a photo story.)

So, can you figure out what Nicole’s trying to say? You do that in the meantime and I’ll be back with more of the story in a couple days. Sound like a plan? Okay, good. Oh, and put your answer in the comments.

Happy Solving!


P.S. I finally got up an About Me age, so check it out. Probably something I should have done a year and a half ago . . . ;)

10 thoughts on “A Mystery of the Sisterly Sort | Part 1: A Strange Note

  1. Oh this is fun! I’ve been waiting for a long time for this. Btw, love the title- very you-like to say it like that. I’ve figured it out, (not spoiling) but what on Earth does that mean?! Wait… I might know.
    Looking forward to the next one!
    ~ FlamyFox13


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