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Headlines from Hedgehog Hollow – Pages 7-10



From Hailey at Peace in the Pines: What on Earth do you get up 
to when Charlotte comes to play? Because she never comes home 
looking like she did when she left!

Sophie's Answer: Well, that's mostly Charlotte's fault, not mine!
We get up to lots of things when Charlotte's over though. Last 
time we played with - er, used - the glue, so that was a bit 
messy, but I told Charlotte to wash her hands before saying hi 
to you. Clearly she didn't. And the time before that . . . well,
maybe I shouldn't tell you about that. We were supppposed to be 
gardening . . .

From Charlotte at Peace in the Pines: Umm, has Wilhelmina ever 
crossed the road?

Sophie's Answer: Not that I know of, but let me go ask her. Give
me a second. Okay, reporting back. She says "cluck", which could 
mean anything. Next time I'm near a road, I'll get her to cross 
it. Carefully.

From Saila at Peace in the Pines: If you could become one thing 
other than yourself, what would that be?

Sophie's Answer: A pineapple! Oh, wait, no, then someone would 
eat me! Uh, maybe a giraffe! I could be super tall! Or . . . a 
whale - no, a shark or a dolphin! Yes, that's it! I love water 


From Hailey at Peace in the Pines: Do you want to go on an 
adventure? Maybe one that involves kitchens?

Victoria's Answer: Sure! You got a date in mind? Quick question-
how do adventures involve kitchens exactly?

From Charlotte at Peace in the Pines: What are your most recent 
5 favourite animals?

Victoria's Answer: Five most recent?! I only have, like, two! 
But okay, here goes: wolves are really cool, and so are donkeys. 
And I also like big, soft, fluffy dogs, and, oh, cows, of course!
And ravens. That's not really my five most recent, 'cause I 
currently kinda like them all, but hopefully that answers your 

From Saila at Peace in the Pines: What’s your favourite place in 
the whole world?

Victoria's Answer: Here! At home with my sisters! The cabin's a 
close second though!


From Hailey at Peace in the Pines: Can I steal your new hat?

Nicole's Answer: NO!

From Charlotte at Peace in the Pines: When are you going to post
on the bloggy thing again???? We need Notorious Nicole back.

Nicole's Answer: Oh, sure! Let me think of a good thing to post! 
Maybe you could hear about my latest and greatest adventures!

From Saila at Peace in the Pines: What’s your favourite season, 
and why?

Nicole's Answer: Oh, I don't know . . . spring's really nice 
with all the little flowers and green things . . . but I also 
really like the colours of fall. And winter snow is snow much 
fun . . . and well, I might as well add summer now, because of 
popsicles and sprinklers and no school!


From Charlotte at Peace in the Pines: What’s your favourite 

Jack Sloth's Answer: *rustle, rustle, meeep, meep, snuffle, 
snuffle, snort, snuffle, snuffle, meeeep*

(translated by Sophie into 'vegetable salad with a side of green 
beans and some hamster treats for dessert', by Victoria into 
'peanut butter' and by Nicole into 'hamster food')

Also, Charlotte from Peace in the Pines was looking for advice 
on how to annoy her sisters . . . Victoria, who wasn't here 
when Sophie and Nicole posted 'How to Annoy Your Human', has 
decided that this warrants a whole post on its own! Look out 
for that sometime following this magazine!

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