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Headlines From Hedgehog Hollow – Pages 11-12


Corinne Tan in her meet outfit, accessories and book with her sister Gwynn Tan.


You’ve probably heard about American Girl’s 2022 Girl of the Year, Corinne Tan – after all, Nicole’s already mixed up ‘GOTY’! Which, for the record, is Girl of the Year (some people do spell it ‘GotY’). I think Corinne Tan is really cool! (That’s not a joke . . . I know she likes snow.)

I really like her snow-pants. Maybe I should convince ForestPoodle88 to get me a pair? Her other clothing is really nice too. Not exactly my style, but her colours – dark blue, pink, blue-green, purple and white – are good. Very fitting of her winter theme.

Corinne Tan in her ‘Ski Outfit’, a.k.a. awesome snowsuit.

Okay, but on to Corinne herself. Firstly, how do you pronounce her name? Nicole tells me it’s ‘Cor-een’ because that sounds better, but Sophie says there was a girl in her class last year and her name was pronounced ‘Cor-inn’. Maybe AG can clarify that for us?

Second, and this is the good part, she’s a doll of colour! Yay! There have been, what, five or six of those? Out of nearly 20? I don’t know the numbers, but you gotta do better, AG. (Not that Maplelea is doing any better either. Improvements needed for both.) But, Corinne, who’s Chinese-American, is definitely a good thing!

Corinne Tan’s ‘Ski Lodge Fire Pit’, complete with bench and odd fire.

And she skis! She gets to rep winter all year ’round. Super cool! I’m pretty fond of winter. Never been skiing, but it looks like it’d be fun. She also skates. I play hockey, which is a bit different from what Corinne and her sister, Gwynn, do, but still.

What else? Honestly, I like her a lot more than I thought I would. Much better than Kira Bailey of 2021. But here’s the thing –  Corinne’s got to learn how to build a better fire. Somehow her fire looks more like pale magma than flame and I can’t figure out what she did. Maybe Gwynn built it? Maplelea’s Taryn Brady can build a good fire, but Corinne’s got to work on it.


2 thoughts on “Headlines From Hedgehog Hollow – Pages 11-12

  1. I love this! Great view, Victoria- I’ll agree that the snowpants and weird fire are very important things to mention. It’s definitely interesting hearing what one doll thinks of another!
    ~ FlamyFox13


    1. Thanks! That weird fire was just wrong *shakes head*. Anyone could do better!
      It’s kinda odd how everyone knows of Corinne. I guess she’s like a celebrity now that American Girl chose her! I don’t think I’d want to be that famous though.

      Liked by 1 person

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