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Headlines from Hedgehog Hollow – Pages 2-6

HEDGEHOG HOLLOW, EAST DOLLWOOD- Breaking news this week: 
Victoria is still attempting to do a backflip. This is something 
she has been attempting for, let's see - two weeks now, and she 
is no closer to a passable backflip. Victoria has realized that 
you shouldn't try on top of the bed though and so she's moved 
the bedding onto the floor. Is that any smarter? We'll just have 
to see!

Victoria was available for comment, so I asked her why she is 
trying to do a backflip, but all she said was "Because," and 
that was her only answer to any of my questions.

"Is a backflip hard?"


So I moved to her other side. "Are you ever going to get it?"


And then she actually attempted another backflip, and let's just 
say it did not go well. . .

I might have better luck asking Sophie next time. It looks like 
Victoria does not like to be interviewed.

No new dolls or outfits have been released lately, except for 
Maplelea's fall release, which was very interesting and your 
author would like a few of the outfits, and American Girl's 
maybe-spring release, which is cute but very pink. Actually, 
wait! I forgot about Corinne! Okay, so we have a new doll from 
American Girl, Corinne Tan and she's this year's - what's it 
called? Girl Of Any Time This Year? Is that it? Oh, Saila tells 
me it's a GOTY, but I'm not sure what that stands for. Anyway, 
Corinne is very nice!

And, this is the most important - Charlotte (of Peace in the 
Pines)'s favourite animal is currently an elephant! Better write 
that down before it changes! I did manage to get an interview 
with Charlotte, and it went a lot better than with Victoria.

Nicole: "So, Charlotte, why an elephant?"
Charlotte: "Look at them! Look at their big grey ears and their 
tusks and their trunks and how big they are! That's why I'm 
wearing elephant colours today!"
N: "What's so great about elephant colours?"

C: "No, no, no, the question is 'what's so great about 
elephants?' That's why I wore elephant colours - because 
elephants are so great!"
N: "Okay, but what's so great about elephants? Besides their 
C: "And how they look."

N: "Yeah, besides all that."
C: "They're fun to watch at the zoo, and they keep the savannah 
from getting all forest-y, because they eat the trees."
N: "I like forests!"
C: "I like forests too, but there's not supposed to be forests 
in the savannah. There's forests where the forests are. Yeah, 
and Nicole, have you ever seen an elephant take a bath? Or eat?"

N: "Well, nooo . . . I haven't exactly." 
C: "You should. Their trunks are very cool, Nicole."
N: "Okay, I willll -"
C: "Go to the zoo! That's where I saw the elephants."
N: "Thank you for allowing me to interview you, Charlotte."

C: "You're welcome. I had fun. But you really should go see the 
elephants, Nicole."

Looks like I'm off to go see the elephants! I'll catch you 
next time on News With Nicole!

2 thoughts on “Headlines from Hedgehog Hollow – Pages 2-6

  1. Ahh, I love this! Nicole, you’re so funny sometimes, and Toria was not at all being helpful. Also, the things that counted as news- we never even got to hear about the AG and Maplelea releases, because clearly Charlotte’s favourite animal and Victoria’s unsuccessful backflip are more important! I can’t wait for the next part.

    ~ FlamyFox13

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    1. Thank you, thank you! Is Toria ever helpful? (Actually, she is, but don’t tell her I said that.)
      Well, I told you ABOUT the releases, so you at least know that they happened. Besides, ForestPoodle already posted about the fall one! And yes, backflips and favourite animals are more important! It’s Headlines From HEDGEHOG HOLLOW after all. That’s just how it goes around here.
      -The Notorious Nicole

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