It’s Me!! The Notorious Nicole is Back from Somewhere!

Hey, itès Nicole! Aaaah, silly French keyboard!! Thatès not supposed to be an è, it should be an apostralyptic! Oops, apparently thatès not a word either. . . Okay, let me get this French keyboard out of here!

Problem solved.

(Also, my greeting just reminded me of how in those Franklin episode-things the beginning went, “Hey, it’s Franklin! Duhhh-duh-duh-duhh!” I don’t actually remember the words.)

SO, FlamyFox13 told me that I’m terrible at ttaking things over, so I’m trying again. Sorry about spellling mistakes, mistypos and wrong words.

Oh, I don’t know how to get photograffs onto the computer, so I’m just going to have to use what’s already here!

There’s all these files with pictures – like one for each decade. I think the pictures are from that wiki American Girl thing. And the World Wide Web of Weirdness (4W).

And what on Earth is this?!?

Oh, wait, that’s the Courtnie person! She’s cool! I still don’t know what she’s wearing. .. . …

Okay, I found these in the 2000s file. What are these? I know I’m from the 2OOOs, but I didn’t wear this! But I’m from 2O07 0r 2008, not whenever this was.

I think this girl’s shoes need to be sliced in half the horizontal way. But her shirt’s cool!

And, okay, she’s got cargo pants, which Sophie, Toria and I all agree are awesome and pockety and excellent, but, um, the shirt? It’s black! Booorrring!

Oh, look what I found! This is cute! I should ask ForestPoodle to make me one! I’d look great! I can even put my hair in braids like the picturre! As long as Sophie doesn’t do it . . . . . .. She’s bad at hair.

Actually, no, look at this!! It’s a pirate uniform! Charlotte will love it! And she’ll want to wear mine once ForestPoodle makes it!

Except the file says Riding Habit.

I’ll just go change the file name for ForestPoodle.

Okay, I did it and I took a screenshot – I had to look up how. See? Much better!

I need one of these too! Better get on it, ForestPoodle!

Most of the rest of the files aren’t interesting. Except for this. I think it’s from Courtnie Madison’s time period. Yup, okay. That must be the . . . . 60’s! Yeah.

Um, Saila just came over from next door and she’s telling me it’s not Courtnie Madison. Maybe it’s Martin? Or Morgan or Moody? Yeah, I change my mind, it’s Morgan! She’s also telling me I spelled Courtnie wrong. Is it Courtny or Cortnie then? Anyone want to tell me?

Um, what am I supposed to tell you now? That I was sstanding on a chair yesterday and ForestPoodle asked me why and I didn’t answer, because why wouldn’t I be standing on a chair? Chairrs are great for standing on. Better than standing on the floor like Victoria or the bed like Sophie. You should be standing on a chair right now, and if you aren’t, hop to it! Isn’t hop to it a nice expression?

I’m standing on a chair. But only because that’s the way to reach the desk with the computre and I’m just a smigdge short to sit on the chair and reach. Maybe when I’m 19 inches I’ll be able to do that.

Okay, yup, I don’t have anything else to say! See you later, alligator!

-Nicole the Notorious Pirate, of course

(I’m currently backing – or about to, once I type this – slowly awaaayyyy from the computre. Why is gooogle underlining computre?? I spelled it the Canadian way! Bye for real this time!))


4 thoughts on “It’s Me!! The Notorious Nicole is Back from Somewhere!

  1. Hi Nicole!
    This is absolutely hilarious! I don’t think ForestPoodle should be very happy with you for showing us all what’s on her computre (the Canadian way of course!! not). No, you’ve got it all wrong, it’s Cortnee!
    Saila says don’t listen to anything I say, it’s computer and Courtney Moore.
    It’s good to see you back!

    ~ FlamyFox13

    Liked by 1 person

    1. What?? It’s not computre??? NOooooo! ForestPoodle’s computer’s got weird stuff on it. Oh, it’s Cortnee? Oh, it’s not. There goes Saila again . . . thanks. I’ll write it Courtney next time if I remember!
      I don’t know where I went, but I like being back too! I think I just forgot to post.
      – Nicole the Notorious

      Liked by 2 people

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