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The New Sister

A girl walked slowly up the pathway, hesitating before the door.

What if this wasn’t the right place? Well, there was only one way to find out.

Carefully she lifted her hand and knocked lightly.

She waited a couple seconds, then knocked again, this time louder.

She waited nervously for the door that would seal her fate. Okay, maybe that was a bit dramatic, but she was definitely nervous.

Quite suddenly, it burst open, and two blonde-haired, blue-eyed heads appeared.

They came fully into view and she saw that they were holding a sign that read, in large block letters “WELCOME SISTER!”

Hi, the taller girl said excitedly. I’m Nicole. You must be our new sister! I’ve never gotten one of those before!

Hi. Are you Sophie, then? she asked the smaller girl.

Ya, Sophie said shyly, hiding behind Nicole.

Oh, and what’s your name? Nicole asked. ForestPoodle didn’t tell us.

I’m Victoria, miss, she said, as properly and carefully as her queenly namesake, hoping that she’d make a good impression.

Miss?! Nicole said. Don’t call me miss! I’m your new sister!

Ooops, said Victoria. Maybe that didn’t go so well.

I think she meant sis, y’know, Sophie told Nicole. Nicole smirked.

Oh, and you should probably come in. It’s kinda cold out there, sorry.

She led the way down a hally way to a semi-tidy room. (I tried to fix it, but the dolls collectively agreed hally way was better than hall way.)

He he, well, the cleaning’s not going too well. Nicole told her.

Clearly, Victoria smiled.

We’ve got some things for you, Nicole said. Here. She handed her a name-sign (Victoria wasn’t sure how they didn’t know her name, and especially her nickname, if they’d made this, but maybe the human had done it), a pair of crocheted fingerless gloves, some bracelets, a butterfly charm (For your bag, when you get one, Nicole said, eyeing Victoria’s bundle) and 3 lip balms.

Here, Sophie said carefully from Nicole’s side.

Aw, thanks! I’ve always wanted one of these! Victoria fingered the blue yo-yo.

Oh, and the practical things, of course, Nicole said, taking out a water bottle and a toothbrush. (Ignore the loaf of bread on the couch – it was Sophie, of course!)

Victoria held the pile of things in her arms, unsure of what to do.

You can sit down, you know, Nicole said teasingly. The chairs don’t bite. Not at this time of day, anyways. We’ll show you the bedroom later.

Victoria sat carefully and a long silence followed, broken only when Nicole said, So tell us about yourself. She moved the loaf of bread and sat down herself.

Nicole seemed to be doing most of the talking for the three of them, so Victoria smiled and asked, What do you want to know?

Anything! What’s your favourite colour?

Green. Just about any shade, too.

Green’s a good colour. My favourite is clear blue, like my long sleeved shirt, but it used to be green.  (And with that note, I am promptly going to switch the colours that Victoria and Nicole speak in. It will now be Victoria and Nicole.)

When it became clear Sophie wasn’t going to offer up anything, Nicole added, And Sophie like bright-

Neon, Sophie amended.

-orange and yellow.

Cool. Do you do any sports? Victoria asked.

I like volleyball. Then, sighing at Sophie, And Sophie like hockey and climbing just about anything.

I like hockey too. Well, and martial arts.

Sophie looked like she wanted to say something and was too scared, which was not a usual Sophie-thing, but Nicole didn’t press it.

Victoria and Nicole chatted for a bit longer, then Nicole led her to the bedroom, where a single bed was made up.

Is . . . that a horse? Victoria stared, pointing into the corner.

Yeah, that’s Horsey Dear. We share her with our cousins.


Yeah, there’s Hailey and Charlotte and Emilia. Nicole suddenly gasped, realizing something. We’ll have to take you over soon to show them our new sister, right Sophie?

But Sophie wasn’t in the room. Nicole shrugged.

Is Sophie normally this shy?

No, not one bit! I’m not sure what’s up. Maybe she doesn’t like change?

At Victoria’s worried look, Nicole put a hand on her shoulder and added, Don’t worry, she’ll come around. Sophie can’t stay away forever. She’s got too much energy and she’s too talkative.

– – – – –

Later that day Victoria was sitting on the bed, thinking, while Nicole and Sophie tried to put together a meal. She was a little worried about the meal because they said the human normally did this, so she’d offered to help, but Nicole had shooed her away with an actual flyswatter and said it was something special they wanted to do.

Sophie, Nicole’s voice drifted in. I know you don’t like change, but-

What? That’s what you think? Sophie asked, cutting up some marble cheese.

Um, yeah? What is it then? Why won’t you talk to Victoria? Nicole asked, a little confused.

Because what if she doesn’t like me? She’s already my sister now, it can’t be undone and what’ll we do if we don’t like each other? A sister you hate! Not good. Sophie cried.

You didn’t hate me when I came. Nicole said bluntly as she sorted the beans for supper.

Yeah, but no one remembers that. Sophie reminded her.

Sophie, she’s not going to hate you. No one does. And Miranda or Amanda or whatever her name is doesn’t count, ’cause she hates everyone! Nicole reassured Sophie. Everyone loves you, Sophie. Just be yourself. Oh, and try not to tell any bad jokes.

Bad jokes? Victoria said, walking into the kitchen. What’s this I hear about bad jokes?

Um . . .Nicole looked at Sophie, who took a deep breath.

Well, they’re not bad . . . They’re a lot better than a sheep with a fish tail and tree trunk arms. Sophie finished.

Victoria laughed at the unexpectedness of Sophie’s weird humour.

See? Nicole elbowed Sophie. What did I tell you? Oh, and we’re heading over to Hailey and Charlotte’s after this, so let’s eat quick.

Um, ‘Cole, did you forget to do something to these green beans?

No, I don’t think so, why?

Well, they’re not exactly cooked!

Just they way I like them, Victoria smiled.

See, she gets it! Okay, now let’s go!

Sophie pulled on a pair of huge fluffy boots while Victoria stared.

Best way to get anywhere with falling, Sophie said, standing up.

Oh, Victoria nodded, pulling out her running shoes and putting them on.

Nicole slipped on her new sneakers and led the charge to Hailey and Charlotte’s.

Nicole knocked once on the door and, without waiting, barged in, pulling Victoria and Sophie behind her.

We’ve got a new sister! she cried to the three dolls sitting in the room.

We’ve got a new sister, we’ve got a new sister! Sophie chanted.

I’ve got two new sisters! Victoria exclaimed. Then to Sophie, she asked, Who’s who?

Well, Hailey’s over there, and Charlotte’s there in the chair, Sophie pointed.

Is the other girl Emilia?

No, she lives down the road a bit. I dunno who that is. Maybe a school friend? Sophie shrugged.

Victoria hesitantly took Sophie’s hand, hoping her new sister had a least somewhat warmed to her now.

I have a new sister too! I have a new sister too! Charlotte exclaimed.

They all stood in silence for a few long seconds.

Well, Charlotte finally said, Do we get to meet your new sister?

Okay, Nicole said, This here is Sophie. She smirked.

Not that one! Hailey said. The NEW one, Cole.

Oh, well, sorry Soph, not you.

This is Victoria, Sophie said, nodding her head towards her sister, She does hockey and martial arts.

Hello cousins! Victoria said, extending a had towards the nearest doll, the one Sophie hadn’t known. She pulled Sophie with her.

So, who’s your new sister? Nicole asked.

I’m Saila, the girl said, shaking Victoria’s hand. It’s nice to meet you all.

Wait, I got a new cousin too?! Sophie asked, all excited.

Ya, Charlotte told her, her voice indicating it should have been obvious.

Ooops. Hey, and you got a cousin too, Charlotte! Charlotte had clearly already clued in to this too, but Sophie kept getting excited anyway.

You know what this calls for? Victoria smiled. A group hug! Saila came and wrapped an arm around Sophie and Charlotte slipped right into the middle. Everyone else came around her, forming a giant warm hug.

Sisters forever, Sophie whispered (into Charlotte’s hair, which just happened to be right there).

Cousins forever, Nicole whispered back.

Sisters forever! Cousins forever! Victoria, Sophie, Nicole, Saila, Hailey and Charlotte all shouted together. And they all knew it was true.

*  *  *  *  *

So, how do you like my new doll? She’s beautiful, isn’t she? Oh, and yes there are pictures for the last part, but I don’t want to reveal FlamyFox13’s new doll before she does, so I’ll put them in later. (Update Feb 12 – the pictures are in!)

Yes, I finally took the plunge, and after wanting her for a couple years, then saving up for one more, I finally got my dream doll. Victoria is KMF31, the same as the previous KMF11, although the pictures in the catalogue look so different I actually thought she was a completely different doll! XD

Anyhow, because I thought that, I sent a letter (followed by several emails, because guess who doesn’t realize there are things called Spam folders?!) asking if there were still any KMF11s around. Long story short, the President of Maplelea, Kathryn Morton, emailed me and offered that I could come in (wearing a mask, of course!) to the Maplelea Showroom and actually pick out the exact KMF31 (aka KMF11) I wanted. (I nearly jumped up and down when I finally saw her email!) It was really kind of her to offer that, and also of my mother to drive me to Newmarket to pick out Victoria. It was also super cool to see the Showroom, even if all the dolls were lined up and covered in plastic sheets! Plus, I got to meet the President herself!! The folks at Maplelea are all really really kind, and even let FlamyFox13 get a doll that was technically sold out online, but that they had a few of yet. Maplelea = AMAZING!!

Also, Maplelea’s doll shoes are beyond anything you’ve seen, even with American Girl or other doll companies! Maplelea has great quality and also, it’s very nice to support a Canadian company. I could probably go on about how cool Maplelea is for a really long time!

Victoria’s full name is Victoria Aisha, although I often just call her Toria. (Yes, note the ‘a’ at the end – it’s gotta be unique!) Her character is still in development, but I don’t want to rush it. We’ll all learn more about her as I post new stories and stuff. I think gradual personalities, like how Nicole’s and Sophie’s were built, is probably better in creating a realistic person. For now, she is pretty sporty, determined and fierce. She’s also a natural leader and enjoys stargazing and photography.

(Counting down the days until this quadmester ends and I have more time!)

-ForestPoodle – and Victoria!


5 thoughts on “The New Sister

  1. Yes, yes,yes!!! This is so good, and so funny!!!!! I’m so happy you finally got this up. Ah, see now I’m worrying, because my introduction of the doll you won’t show pictures of is not going to be this great. You’ve put a lot of work int othis, and it pays off.

    ~ FlamyFox13


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