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Happy Birthday Toria!!!

I’m pretty sure you’ve figured out exactly what this post is about by now . . . Today is Victoria’s birthday, of course!

Um, I haven’t had time to do a photo-story yet, and I think Toria should try and introduce herself to you all sometime soon (she’s currently still working out her place with Nicole and Sophie), but for now













(This is where you are supposed to be getting excited!)

See? Beautiful! I just love her curls so, so much! <3

Happy Birthday Victoria! We are all tremendously pleased to have you! (probably shouldn’t have made her b-day so soon, but it had to be in February, don’t ask me why)

This dress is Nicole’s, so it took at bit of tugging and squishing to get it on, but I think the colours look even better on her than on Nicole. I need to adapt my pattern to her size tho’.

I showed this picture to my grandmother and she said Victoria looked ready for a brisk walk XD

Okay, this isn’t really of Toria, but doll shoe pictures are required, so . . . Plus, they are almost as cute as Toria!

When I got Victoria, I also got Jenna’s new starter outfit (shirt and leggings above, plus those awesome running shoes). It is adorable, but I will say that the leggings seem to be made of a  material, and then both the blue and yellow seem to be screen-printed on. It’s a little odd and it makes the leggings thicker than you would think they should be. But the shirt and the yellow stripes seem to be made of the right fabric.

Oh, and I got Jenna’s story journal! It’s in the Replacement Parts section of the website, and the date on it does say 2010 (before I even knew Maplelea existed!), and some of the pictures have now retired things, but honestly, that doesn’t bother me. It was really interesting to read. And I llove how Jenna actually talks to you! (to paraphrase Jenna: ”you’ll never guess what my favourite part of sailing is. Gannets! See I told you you wouldn’t be able to guess it” Actually! it’s hilarious! )

I think I need to teach the dolls a class on how to dress properly for skateboarding! (Nevermind the fact that on my own birthday, I went out with FlamyFox13 and my brother and his skateboard in a dress and winter coat.) Fortunately, for all the skirts and dresses, they keep wearing proper shoes!

Yeah, my picture-skills are not on point, but hey, look – cute doll! :)

Also, if you want a review or more close up pictures of the KMF31 doll and her journal, Jenna’s starter outfit or Jenna’s journal, let me know! (There is a comment function below this post, although most of you seem not to know that . . .)

Oh, and speaking of comments and followers and stuff, sure followers are great and all, but all I really want to see are comments. They mean the world to me, so please, take the 10 seconds to write something. I don’t care if you never follow my blog yet comment on every post! Do you like my blog? Did you follow it just for the sake of it? If there is anyone out there who happens to read this and has no idea why they followed my blog and don’t care one whit about dolls, could you kindly unfollow? It would help us both out a whole lot. Thank you.

Send your birthday wishes to Victoria!


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