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Doll Book – Fairy Tales Gone Wonky (Tome 1)

Today I've got a doll craft for you all! Over the past few months, I've been writing these fairy tales that are essentially common fairy tales that I've mixed up, switched characters and basically had a lot of fun writing! I typed my stories up and turned them into a doll book. Notice how the… Continue reading Doll Book – Fairy Tales Gone Wonky (Tome 1)


We did it!

aha! We did it! we stole the computer and snuck into Mommys wordpress thingy! This is nicole here and... i, sophie, am here too. a couple minutes laterr we've decidded to typ everything we say, exactly as we say it, cause we don't actually have anything prepared. We just stole thhe computerr and didn't think… Continue reading We did it!