We did it!

aha! We did it! we stole the computer and snuck into Mommys wordpress thingy! This is nicole here and... i, sophie, am here too. a couple minutes laterr we've decidded to typ everything we say, exactly as we say it, cause we don't actually have anything prepared. We just stole thhe computerr and didn't think … Continue reading We did it!

Introducing Moma Hazel and Jack Sloth

As you may know, Nicole and Sophie have two hamsters, Moma Hazel and Jack Sloth. I realized today that I had never truly introduced them to you, nor had I ever shown you what they even look like. So, here they are! This is the front of their popsicle stick cage. And, the inside. There's … Continue reading Introducing Moma Hazel and Jack Sloth