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Happy Dollidays #1 – “Decorate Tree”

It's Sunday in the dollhouse (er, doll-space, but you know what I mean), and things are starting to look a little Christmas-y! Nicole has set up the tree and is attempting to wrap a garland around it, while Wilhelmina and Mama Hazel face off in front of a wreath. (None of the dolls have determined… Continue reading Happy Dollidays #1 – “Decorate Tree”


How to Do a Cartwheel According to Hailey

Hey! It's Hailey here today! I'm really excited, because I've never written a post on here before, but now I get to take over not only my own human's blog (Peace in the Pines (ForestPoodle88 can you put a link here?)), but also another human's blog! Anyway, very exciting. So today, I get to show… Continue reading How to Do a Cartwheel According to Hailey