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More Maplelea News?! + What I’d Like to See Next

You know how I said Maplelea doesn’t release things all at once and how something was probably going to come out after my post? Well, things did! We’ve gotten a pair of pajamas, a new slumber lounge and four (five?) new dolls since!

(Okay, not gonna lie here – it’s been a bit since I typed out this post, so these things aren’t SUPER new, but oh well.)

First we’ll do the pajamas.

These ones are Alexi’s Rascally Raccoon pajamas, the only new thing for her this year. That said, I love the theme! Raccoons are awesome! I’m wondering if people actually wear nighties anymore, but it’s still really nice and more interesting than her other pajamas.

Okay, because this is related to pajamas, here’s the new slumber lounge. The old one (retired, but I don’t know when) was purple, but the blue is quite nice. It acts as a chair when folded but then unfolds to a full bed, which seems very useful.

And now the dolls!

I think this one (KMF43) was available under the old Maplelea Friends name, but I’m not sure. They might be the same as KMF15 but with freckles, or like KMF28 but with blue eyes. Okay, so maybe they ARE new, I just didn’t think that when I first looked at them!

And they’ve changed their “boy doll” shirt, from a striped one to this, shown on a new doll (KMF42) that looks almost like some of the other ones, just with a different colour of eyes. I’d really like to see more racial diversity in their dolls.

This doll (KMF46) does bring diversity, but not of that kind. Still, they’re the first Maplelea&Me with bangs (Maplelea Friends previously had one, see the picture below of KMF9) and I’m hoping there will be more to come. Also, this doll is really cute!

And now, the very exciting bit!

Maplelea has come out with two dolls with coloured hair! This is KMF44, followed by KMF45. Copying American Girl, they also have special starter outfits and are called “limited edition”. Not so sure of the blue haired one, but the purple in the other doll’s dark hair is stunning!

In terms of future releases of dolls, here’s what I’d like to see:

– the singular available Asian mould doll to get updated for Maplelea&Me (poor doll is still wearing the old outfit!)

– more Asian mould dolls (in different skin tones!), including a “boy one”

– a Black “boy” doll (c’mon now, Victoria/KMF31 is all alone!), plus more Black dolls in general

– greater range of hair lengths (some girls have hair shorter than shoulder length, you know! I’d just generally like more shorter styles.)

– more non-white dolls (seriously, the ratio of white dolls to everyone else needs to change. Introduce more dolls who aren’t visibly white please)

– more “boy dolls” (in quotations marks because a doll have any gender you want to give them)

– someone with red hair, because red hair is super cool (maybe it’s because of Anne Shirley, but I’ve always thought it would be great to have red hair, and we could have someone other than just Jenna)

– oh, and the big one! A new Maplelea Girl! It’s been seven years since Charlsea, and I’d love to see more diversity in this line too

In terms of clothes and other items, I’d like to see:

– some tech stuff for Alexi (seriously, reading her journal, she’s big into tech, but we don’t see that in her clothes or playsets)

– more of Brianne’s animals (what more can I say? Doll-sized animals are adorable! Her dogs and cats would be really cool, in addition to other farm animals)

– more outfits for Charlsea (the poor girl only has two outfits right now!)

– something gannet-themed for Jenna (in her journal, she explains all about them, so I think she’d love to have a t-shirt with a gannet on it!)

– more playsets (Maplelea mostly deals in clothes, but the other things they have done (pets, Alexi’s gymnastics set, the school set, Taryn’s tent etc.) have been cool and more would be awesome)

What would you like to see from Maplelea? And do you like the new releases?


P.S. Since I wrote this, Maplelea Girl Jenna has gotten a new starter outfit . . . looks like I have another post to make!




9 thoughts on “More Maplelea News?! + What I’d Like to See Next

  1. I’m in love with those racoon pajamas…or rather, the toy racoon that comes with it. 🤣 The lounge chair is also super cute. Great post, ForestPoodle!


  2. Hailey would like to inform you that she is upset. She thinks the most important thing about KMF46 is that Maplelea now has a doll that looks like her, and you didn’t say that.
    Otherwise, I think the raccoon pajamas are adorable!
    Also, I love the new blog look!


    1. I swear I replied, but I’m not sure it went though, so I’ll try again.
      Oh! Well, I’d like to inform Hailey that I am very sorry. To make it up to her, please tell her that Truly Me dolls 13 and 16 also look like her. I mean, they’re retired, but still, there are dolls that look like Hailey out there!
      I know, the raccoon PJs are really cool!
      Ah, thank you! My blog really needed an update, so I finally switched themes, downloaded the perfect font and made up a new header!


  3. Hey, ForestPoodle88! I saw you followed my blog B). Since I’ve never seen a comment from you and I’m in your active blog list, I assume you’ve been STALKING my blog! Well, little did you know, I’ve been stalking your blog, too! Probably not as long as you’ve been stalking mine, but I’m here and you don’t even know it… Like a ninja! Anyway, this comment is weird but I felt the need to tell you that the stalk-iness is mutual!

    Also, because my brain is telling me how rude it would be to not say something relevant to your post, it wants me to add my opinions on some of this stuff! The raccoon pajamas are ADORABLE!! I don’t really know much about the Maplelea brand, but looking at the pictures, I will say that the bangs are SO cute and they definitely need to make more dolls with bangs! Maybe if I stalk your blog some more I’ll learn more about Maplelea…


    1. Okay, yes, I do admit to stalking your blog! Although I don’t stalk it as well as I’d like to because Blogger somehow doesn’t send emails to tell me about new posts anymore. Have you been finding that too? That’s probably why I’ve never commented, although I do think your blog is very cool! To be honest, I stalk quite a few blogs – that’s how I have so many on my active blog list!
      I think everyone agrees on the raccoon pajamas – they really are the best part of this release!! Maplelea is a pretty small company, but their quality is great and hey, they’re Canadian just like me! Yes, further stalking should reveal more about Maplelea – I’ve got some other posts about their stuff too :)
      And thank you for commenting!


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