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Fixing a Cardboard Doll Dresser, for anyone remotely interested

Maybe you’ve seen that my doll dresser is no longer a very obvious Girl Guide cookie box and a really nice blue . . . well, it’s been like this for a while, so I hope you have!

I did it last April, but maybe you want to see how? If not, that’s cool too, I’ve got plenty more posts on this blog that you might like!

But if you are interested, here we go!

Okay, so the dresser started out like this. A cookie box (well, actually, we call them cases, but whatever), coloured with pencil crayons and given drawers and knobs. It actually took me a while to build the first time around, but I don’t know if I have any pictures of that. I think it was pre-blog.

But it had issues . . . the drawers flopped down because there was nothing supporting them at the back, the bar between the bottom and middle drawers was always broke, and it was still very clearly a cookie box. So I fixed it up!

I started out by leveling the tops of the drawers and such. Not a great picture, but hey, there are my flamingo socks in the corner!

Here was one of the main issues with the dresser. Yeah, the one spot broke and I fixed it and then it broke again . . .

At the bottom of the picture is the stuff that was in the drawers.

And then at one point, I wasn’t be as careful with my Swiss Army Knife as I should have been and I nicked myself. I’m okay, don’t worry!

But back to the box. I detached the top, trimmed it up nicely and cut out some drawer supports so all the pressure wouldn’t be on the front bar, ’cause those clearly break. I hadn’t glued them in yet, but you can see them leaning on the inside of the box.

I also cut out reinforcement shapes for all the corners and intersections.

I hot glued all of that on . . .

And I painted the whole things a nice robin’s egg blue. I covered it in Mod Pogde, re-added the stickers that were on the side (although they’re now peeling, so I have to fix that) and there you go!

(Okay, I don’t have any proper pictures so just pretend this one’s good.)

Except I haven’t found nice drawer pulls yet, so it doesn’t have any.

But anyway, that’s the dresser.

Have a nice day, please!


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