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Maplelea News!!

Okay, so Maplelea came out with some new outfits recently and there are some really cute ones! I thought you all might like to see them, so here’s what they’ve released so far.

[All photos are from Maplelea.]

This is Dory Days and it’s got a sailboat and fish and – yeah, I just think it’s really exciting! The shoes don’t come with it, they’re from her starter outfit, but they go really well.

Here’s a closer look, because this is one of the best things from this release. Look at that sailboat! And the jacket is so detailed and cute! At some point, I would really love to own this set.

That’s all Jenna has gotten for now.

Also, I should note that Maplelea doesn’t release things all at once like American Girl and I have no clue how you figure out when they’re going to release things, but generally, it happens in the fall, gradually over a month or two. I just saw this outfit really recently, but there could still be more outfits to come.

(Case in point – in between the time I started writing this post and had it ready to post, Saila got a new item!

This is her Kuspuk, which is a traditional Inuit garment. It’s just the outerwear here, not her other clothes and boots, but this is simply adorable. The colours and the patterns are great.)

Alright, moving on to Brianne, who has gotten the most out of this so far. I think she normally does . . .

This is Gala Glitz and I have no clue what this is or what the folks at Maplelea were thinking. (Shoes also not included) The best part about this is the hairclip. Moving on . . .

This is Whiskers and Paws, and it’s not the first cat-themed outfit they’ve made for Brianne. She must like her cats, but they’re never actually been released by Maplelea. I find this too matchy-matchy, but not bad as separate pieces.

Now this is another one of my favourites! It’s Gardening Greatness and I love those florals! Also, overalls rock! Again, shoes not included, but just look at that cuteness!

The only other character doll to get an outfit is Leonie – Taryn and Alexi got nothing at all, and poor Charlsea only got socks! Mind you, Taryn got four things last year, Saila and Leonie got one, but Brianne again got three, and Charlsea, Jenna and Alexi got two. I’m hoping the release isn’t done yet, because a lot of these girls have very few outfits currently available.

Here’s Leonie’s Knit Two Purl Two, which also comes with another hat, but not the boots or purse (more on that later). I think this is pretty cute and although it’s not like Leonie’s other clothes, it totally seems like something she’d wear. There are also matching human hats available.

This is Charlsea’s Saltspring Socks Set, the second human/doll socks set she’s had. Considering her lack of other clothes (she’s only got two outfits right now!), I’m not sure why they felt the need to give her a new set of socks, but for $10, it doesn’t seem so bad.

This has been put on Saila’s page on the website, but the Arctic Animals human/doll dress set has been referenced to with numbers KM38 and also KS38, so I don’t know if it’s hers or just a general Maplelea outfit. I’m hoping it’s not hers, because although it’s cute for a little kid, Saila’s sense of style is better than this.

Here’s the Think Pink set that Leonie was wearing earlier. I don’t like it, but I also don’t like light pink furry things. I feel like some kids really would though.

Ah, these are exciting! I see so many people wearing boots like these everyday (even saw a pair nearly exactly like this on Friday!) so I think it’s great that Maplelea made them!

They also came out with two new pairs of sandals. It’s a bit late to wear these – there’s already snow where I am! – but they’re cute and will be good for summer. I’d still like some very practical, functional but still colourful sandals like the ones I wore when I was younger though.

And there’s a new pair of glasses that I would get for Nicole (I wear glasses and I feel like she’d need some too), except that Nicole’s eyes are an icy blue that would definitely not go with these. I guess I’ll keep waiting. (There were also new sunglasses because of course you need more styles of sunglasses than actual glasses, but I did not grab the image of those).

And finally, here’s this year’s winter family pajamas! I think they’re not as cute as other years, but it’s still cool that they do make pajamas for the whole family. Not sure they need to come out with a new pair every year (and this is the 5th or 6th year), but still.

Anyway, I’ll update you if more comes out, which I’m really hoping it does, and have a splendid day!



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