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Leaves and Thieves | A Photoshoot

Toria and Sophie requested a trip to the backyard recently, and I was more than happy to oblige . . . as long as they let me take pictures! Fortunately, they’re much better in front of a camera than I am and they don’t seem to really care. Anyway, off we go . . .

Although there weren’t any trees their height that had colourful leaves, there were still plenty of leaves on the ground!

“C’mon Sophie, let’s steal some leaves!” Victoria said, gathering them up in her arms. Sophie, of course, never needs to be told twice to steal something . . . especially when it’s leaves. Or snow. She took a lot of snow from the neighbours last winter.

Bit by bit, their little pile grew!

Yes, you definitely need a close up picture of leaves, just trust me on it!

And then Sophie got tired of collecting leaves and just flopped down in the pile.

She sat up and I got the two of them to pose for a picture, which is very nice despite how uncooperative the bush behind them is. Like, seriously, couldn’t it turn red or orange, or at the very least, more yellow than green? But no, of course not!

Oh, and bonus picture of a dandelion, because I like them and it was sitting there so bright and cheerfully.

Sophie elected to be covered in leaves – actually, she wanted to be buried, but Victoria didn’t want to gather that many leaves.

Don’t let her sweet looks fool you!

Well, okay, maybe you can let her fool you just this once – she doesn’t SEEM to be up to something!

Toria thought Sophie was hogging the leaf pile, so she flopped down too.

Sophie figured out that sisters are more comfortable than leaves . . .

Until the sister sits up!

They did both end up with a lot of leaves in their hair . . . (I picked ten or so off of each of them at the end – AFTER a gentle shaking off!)

Sisters forever!

And then Victoria collapsed back into the leaves.

I love dolls hands. I didn’t actually get any doll shoe pictures this time, but please, feast your eyes on doll hands instead!

When Sophie got up, Toria spread out, relaxing joyfully in the leaves.

And then we took one last picture before scattering the leaves back around the lawn and heading in for a warm drink.

(Well, I didn’t have a warm drink, but Sophie and Victoria did!)

*  *  *

I hope you enjoyed these pictures! They are unedited, and I wish the colours in my backyard had been a bit fall-y-er, but I’m pleased, and hey, Sophie and Toria aren’t going to pass up a chance to play in the leaves!

Happy Fall and Happy Hallowe’en!


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