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The Princess and the Blueberry | Brought to You by the Hedgehog Hollow Crew

Let’s go back in time for a sec and pretend it’s still August, when it was all nice and hot and school was – well, school was actually about to start but it hadn’t done so yet and the free days of summer were still alive and well. (Can you tell I miss summer??)

Anyway, so it’s that fateful week before school starts and Sophie, Victoria and Nicole are all in the main room.

Sophie is organizing some kind of game piece into lines on top of the first aid kit. The dolls don’t actually have the game the pieces are from, but she was bored and they were in the drawer.

Victoria is randomly taking pictures of her sisters, trying out all the cool settings on the camera.

And Nicole is digging through the bin of books and notebooks, trying to find her school stuff. Sophie and Victoria already tried to convince her to leave it for a few days, but it didn’t work.

“Wait, hold up!” Sophie suddenly exclaims, sending those carefully arranged game pieces onto the floor.

“What? What is it?” Toria asks, turning her camera to point at Sophie.

“Hmm, yeah, what’s the problem?” Nicole says. She’s still trying to find her backpack.

“I’ve got an idea!” she cries. The pieces and the first aid kit go sliding further down her legs. “It’s the last week of official summer and we’ve got to do something else together as siblings.”

“Okay, what do you propose?” Victoria is getting tired of the confusingness of the camera anyway.

Nicole doesn’t say anything. She’s located her pencil crayons and a notebook, but that’s it so far.

“Let’s play out a story! Like a play with no watchers or something,” Sophie says.

“Alright, I’m in,” Toria says.

“Nicole? Are you with us?”

“Look, here are my favourite notebooks!”

“Uh, that wasn’t the question.” Victoria rolls her eyes. “Are you going to play with us? We’re gonna put on a watcher-less play.”

“Okay, fine. Just let me find my backpack.”

“Yay! We’re gonna have old-fashioned kid fun!” Sophie throws her arms up in the air.

“Woo hooo!” Toria joins in.

Quickly they set to work tidying up (Sophie, predictably, has the biggest mess) and before long, Sophie and Victoria are seated back in the living room.

“Hey, where am I going to sit?” Nicole turns around to find her sisters on both chairs.

“Well, you can sit on the floor.”

“Fine!” Nicole flops down on the furry cushions. At least she has the fuzziest seat, even if it’s the lowest.

“Okay, I call this meeting to order,” Sophie starts. “Anyone got any ideas on what play we’re gonna do?”

“Uh, how about Little Red Riding Hood? I could be the wolf!” Toria’s eyes light up.

“No no no,” Nicole says, shaking her head. “We have to do something more unusual! Like Chicken Little – ”

“Eww, no!” Toria says. “Not Chicken Little!”

“Or, I was going to say Snow White and Rose Red or maybe the Princess and the Pea.”

“We don’t have enough people for Snow White and Rose Red, so let’s do the Princess and the Pea,” Sophie decides. “I get to be the princess.”

And with that, she gets up and walks away, presumably to find a fittingly princessy dress.

“Okay, then I get to be the queen!”

“Which leaves me with what, the prince? I’m not being a prince!” Nicole exclaims.

“You could be a servant or maid?” Victoria suggests hesitantly.

“Fine.” Nicole slouches down against the wall. She’s not changing her clothes for this role.

Victoria leaves and when she comes back, she’s dressed in the most regal dress she can find, a rich dark brown number with a little bow and a ruffled hem. She couldn’t find a crown, so she had to settle for her earmuffs, which Nicole thinks are ridiculous, but she doesn’t mind.

“Alright, is everyone ready?” she asks.

“Yup,” Nicole says.

From just around the corner comes Sophie’s voice. “Ya, I think so.”

“Okay, lights, invisible camera, action!” calls Victoria. (She forgot that the human was actually taking pictures because I’m that good and don’t get in any doll’s way.)

“Knock knock knock,” goes Sophie, forgetting that she could have just knocked on the wall behind her. She’s wearing her sister’s new dress because she didn’t feel like pink and then, because it is supposed to be raining in the play, she put on the devil’s cape from Hallowe’en 2020.

“Maid Mirabella, would you get that please?” Toria requests.

Nicole thinks about the name, nods and gets up.

She pretends to open a door and peer out. “My, it’s rainy out there!” Then she whispers “That was so the non-existent audience knows what the weather’s like.” She looks down at Sophie. “Hello, can I help you?”

“Yes, good evenin’,” Sophie says, then drops her voice to a whisper too. “That was so they also know what time of day is it.” Then she returns to her normal voice and keeps going. “I’m a princess and I’m looking for a place to stay the night. I’m all cold and I can’t remember why I’m out here so I mustn’t be able to find my way back to my own castle, I guess. Princesses in stories really aren’t smart, are they? Huh, I’m gonna be a smarter princess. Okay, so I got chased by an ogre out of my kingdom and a dragon saved me but the dragon got lost because they were still young so I got dropped off in a random spot and because I’m a princess I’ve never been out of my kingdom before so I don’t know where I am either.” Sophie takes a deep breath. “Yes, I think that’s a much better story.”

“Okay, well come on in. Queen . . . uh, well, Queen Victoria will see you shortly.” Nicole scrunchles her eye. “Right then, I think we’re all in Victorian England now! I was going to give you a new name, Toria, but I think this is even better.”

Sophie follows Nicole into the living room, where the Queen is seated on her throne with the fur cushions behind her back.

Nicole bows as low as she can. “Your majesty.”

“Thank you. You may rise, Maid Mirabella.”

“Alright. My Queen, I present to you Princess Polly who wishes to stay the night as she is lost and cold and was chased by an ogre.”

“Polly?! Why’ve I got to be Polly?”

“Uhh, first name that came to mind? Sorry Soph.”

“Okay, now Princess Polly, this is Her Royal Highness the Queen Victoria of Victorian Doll-land! All bow before her!”

Sophie bows, something I will not trouble you with pictures of because it is a mess and all parties present (including the non-existent audience) are very grateful when Victoria says “You may rise.”

“I do grant you a place to stay the night and we shall see what happens come morning,” Victoria says very properly.

Once her composure is regained from her mess of a bow (or, in other words, she is no longer laughing), Sophie says, “Thank you, Your Royal Highness.”

“Your Majesty, shall I prepare a room?” Nicole asks.

“Please wait, Maid Mirabella. I wish to oversee it myself. Or something like that.” Victoria says.

“Please have a seat while we do that, Princess Polly-Wants-A-Cracker.” Victoria starts to giggle at her own joke.

Sophie sits down in the corner. “Hey, I’m a princess, you know!” Despite herself, Sophie is laughing too.

“I think it’s a perfectly respectable name,” Nicole protests, but soon she’s laughing along with them as she and Victoria leave the room.

Once they’re there, Toria leans over and loud whispers in Nicole’s ear. “Make up the second-best bedroom, Maid Mirabella. She may not be a real princess. And please get me a pea.”

“Okay.” Nicole pretends she doesn’t know why the Queen wants a pea and goes to see if she can find one.

She rummages through the food drawers.

“D’you want help?” Sophie pipes up from the corner.

“Shh, no, you can’t see me.”

Sophie thinks about it. “Okay, fine, then you can’t hear me.”

“Sure,” Nicole says absentmindedly, having spotted a basket of berries. She quickly takes one out and runs back to the bedroom.

“I have obtained it, my Queen Victoria!”

“Did you actually find a pea?” Victoria didn’t think they had any, so she is pleasantly surprised.

“Better. I got a wild blueberry!”

Victoria lifts up the mattress and Nicole places it carefully in the centre.

Sophie would never know that it was there.

Except, of course, for the fact that she knows the story of the Princess and the Pea and she saw Nicole grab something from the fruit basket.

And speaking of Sophie, she has started singing . . .

“There’s a hole in my bucket, dear Liza, dear Liza, there’s a hole in my bucket, dear Liza, a hole.”

Nicole tries to ignore Sophie’s singing and gets to work spreading out blankets while Toria observes. She adjusts the plaid-ish blanket, gives up on straightening Sophie’s sleeping bag, smooths out the blue blanket and unrumples Sophie’s yellow farm blanket.

Then she adds her crocheted patchwork one,

spreads a dairy farmers towel down,

and tops it with a tea towel-y blanket and a pink flowered one from Aunty OceanHorse36.

“With what shall I cut it, dear Liza, dear Liza . . . ” comes Sophie’s voice from the other room.

“Waitwaitwaitwaitwait!” Toria suddenly screams, throwing her arms in the air. “I’ll be back!”

Nicole looks at her, looks back at the bed and then back to Toria, who by now has run completely out of the room. She continues smoothing out blankets.

“Here!” Toria says breathlessly a few minutes later. She is dragging the large orange mattress they keep in the living room, looking a bit more disheveled than when she left.

“We’ll add this in close to the bottom.”

Nicole rolls back most of the blankets and helps Toria maneuver the cumbersome mattress into place.

Then the human comes by, sees what they’re up to and offers some help.

In less time than it took for Victoria to get the mattress, the sisters have got a human-sized pillow on top of it, and the blankets in their neat pile on top of that.

Nicole arranges the pillows carefully while Victoria goes back to collect Sophie.

She is still singing, having chosen a very long song. “With the bucket, dear Henry, dear Henry, dear Henry, with the buck-”

“Sophie!!” Victoria shouts. Sophie looks up. “Okay, my dear Princess Polly, your bed has been prepared. Please come this way.”

“Okay, okay, but I’ve got to finish the song first. With the bucket, dear Henry, dear Henry, the bucket! There’s a hole in my bucket, dear Liza, dear Liza . . . ”

While Toria is getting Sophie, Nicole has been busy arranging loose boxes in a staircase, because lifting a princess up to bed is very unroyal.

“Alright, here you are, Princess Polly! Maid Mirabella has carefully prepared this bed just for you,” Victoria announces, reaching the bed.

“Thank you, thank you, Your Majesty the Queen Victoria,” Sophie says.

Nicole and Toria stand and watch as Sophie removes her overlarge shoes . . .

climbs up the makeshift stairs . . .

and slides under the covers.

She closes her eyes and breathes deeply.

Her sisters wait an amount of time that seems appropriate for a night in a watcher-less play.

That is, they wait about two minutes until they get bored.

Nicole is surprised that Sophie didn’t actually say ‘Can I get up yet?’ in that time, but she doesn’t really question it.

Instead, she goes over, ready to whisper to Sophie that the night’s over, but, well, Sophie’s not exactly awake.

Nicole turns to Toria. “She’s asleep!”

“What?! How? It’s been, like, a minute!” Victoria protests.

“I guess we made her wait too long . . . but what do we do now?” Nicole asks.

“Well,” Toria says, “I guess we just wait until she wakes up so we can see if she’s really a princess!”



*  *  *

Yeah, so this is the thing I told you about in my last post! It’s not super big, but hey, it’s a photostory and I love photostories! I hope you enjoyed this one and I’d absolutely love it if you posted a comment with your favourite part or even something that is completely unrelated but still wonderful.

Also, it’s probably not going to be too busy around here now, mostly because of school and all the new things that have come with that. But hopefully I’ll still have some time on weekends to do things with my little dolly-wogs. (Yes, I call them that in real life. It’s a great name.)

But anyway, go look at your favourite doll, maybe go have a little snuggle with them. Or just stare deeply into their eyes and absorb the fact that they, and all of the dolls here, love you very much!

Have a great day!




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