Extra Doll Pictures from Last Winter

Hi everyone! I have got an actual post planned that I took pictures for before school started, but to tide you over until I get that posted, here are some random pictures from last winter. (I know, it’s no where near as exciting, but it’s still cute!)

I made 2 pairs of doll mittens from fleece last year to join the pair I’d already made. I had these hanging in my room for weeks just because they were so cute! From left to right, these are Nicole’s, Sophie’s and Victoria’s.

I had lots of fleece scraps (well, I still have lots) so I also made Sophie a winter hat, which she is modelling in a terribly-lit photo. And that was when I put the purple in her hair, and if you’ve seen any recent pictures of Saila, she’s got two sections of pink in her hair as well.

And then because there always has to be a picture of Nicole (I swear, she finds her way into everything!), here it is.

And finally, here’s a little shelf that I put up! I was trying to make the room more room-like, you know, with stuff in lots of places and walls with things on them. I did put down double sided tape before sticking the objects down, but it has since dried and disappeared, so everything is falling off again.

Anyway, hopefully these were at least semi-interesting and I will talk to you all shortly enough with a proper post.



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