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Skating in Summer | A Photo Scene (sort of)

It’s a very sunny August day and Nicole and Hailey are on their way back from the local farmer’s market. Nicole is even wearing her new Farmer’s Market Sundress, a fact that she is very proud of. (The narrator would like to tell you that she made a pattern and sewed that dress just for Nicole.) It’s still early enough in the morning, but the sun is getting high in the sky and it is much sunnier than your photographer would have liked.

The two cousins reach the little grass path that leads off to the Peace in the Pines coven.

“Bye Hailey,” Nicole says. “I’ll see you soon, right?”

“Of course!” Hailey exclaims. “I’m coming over for green beans tomorrow.”

“Okey dokey, sure,” Nicole nods, processing this new information.

“Yep! Okay, see you tomorrow, Nicole!” And Hailey turns down the path.

“Alright, see you, Hailey!” Nicole continues on her way down the main path to her own house.

Suddenly, two figures come flying out of the house, a skateboard tucked under the arm of the first one.

“Oh, Nicole!” Sophie cries excitedly. “You can come with us now!”

Nicole stops with her farmer’s market bags and waits till they slow down. “Hey Sophie, hey Toria. What’s going on exactly?”

“We were gonna go skateboarding without you,” Victoria says, “but now that you’re back, we can all go!”

“Yupper-doodle! It’s gonna be lots of fun!” Sophie says, coming to stand beside Victoria.

She then decides she’s not in the right spot, because why be beside just one sister when you can be beside both? And so she moves.

“But I’m wearing a dress, Sophie. A fancy-ish one.”

“Uh, Nicole, that didn’t stop Sophie last time, and we both wore skirts then too,” Victoria points out.

“Oh. But I still want to go change,” Nicole says, running up to the house wildly.

“Okay, but be quick! It’s like mega hot!” Sophie calls after her.

So Nicole hurries, and when she comes back, she is in a skirt, but it’s appropriately sporty, so it’s all okay.

Victoria and Sophie have sat down on the ledge to wait, though Nicole, listening to Sophie, has been very quick.

“Okay, I’m here!” Nicole throws up her arms. “I did put on a skirt, but it matches!”

“Matches what?” Victoria asks.

“My shirt.” Nicole pauses. “Well, and yours.”

“We actually kinda all match!” Victoria says, looking around. “My shoes to Sophie’s shirt, everything to your shoes, Sophie’s shorts to the yellow in yours.”

“Okay, yay, we all match and stuff, but can we go skateboarding now?” Sophie says, getting up.

“Let’s go!”

So they all get up and start on their way. Sophie, despite getting up first, ends up last, mostly because her legs aren’t as long and Toria walks really, really fast.

It’s a pretty long walk for a doll, but after a while they reach their destination. Their destination is a human-sized school with plenty of tarmac and parking lots, of course.

Sophie, being Sophie, immediately sits down. “My legs are too short!” she complains to Victoria.

“Well, I guess you’ll just have to eat carrots then,” Victoria replies.

“Carrots?!” exclaims Nicole. “Why carrots?”

“Because carrots make Sophie strong!” Victoria says, sure that her logic is fallible.

“Okay,” Sophie agrees, shrugging.

They decide that Victoria should skateboard first, mostly because she actually knows how to do it properly.

She starts off, wobbling a little, but she soon gains her confidence and is rolling across the parking lot. (The narrator would like you to know that it was empty, and in fact, she did not see a single person at the school at all.)

But then the wind comes and it is so strong that it pretty well blows Victoria over, so Nicole takes charge and they relocate to the tarmac right beside the building.

“It’s bumpier,” she says, “but at least it’s sheltered from the wind.”

Victoria is a little scared from the wind, so she tries to teach Sophie to skateboard instead.

“I don’t think I like this, Toria,” Sophie says, her voice wobbling like the skateboard.

“I got you. You’re not gonna fall, Soph.” Victoria holds on to Sophie and pushes her gently forward.

“Okay, now bend down and push off.”

Sophie keeps holding on, but she does as instructed.

Soon enough, she’s doing it all on her own.

And then she’s zooming past Victoria like a race car or a herd of gazelle or something.

“Nicole, Toria! Look at me go!”

“Hey, when’s my turn?” Nicole asks.

“I don’t know, but look at me! I’m doing it!” And she even pops the front of the board up for fun. (The narrator has no clue if this is a proper move because although she has skateboarded, she can’t do it very well, but we’re just going to hope it’s something real.)

“My turn now, move over Sophie,” Victoria says, climbing on the skateboard herself.

“But you already got one!” Nicole protests.

And then Victoria’s bumping along as well and not listening to Nicole.

The narrator would very much like to say ‘zoom, zoom’ at this point, but she’s not in the story so she won’t.

Victoria is going pretty far along the wall and she’s getting further from Nicole and Sophie. She’s having so much fun zooming that she doesn’t care.

But Nicole does. She runs after Victoria, sneakers slapping the pavement.

“Tag, you’re it! My turn!” Nicole says.

“Uh, what logic is that?” Victoria asks.

“Great logic! You already had a turn!”

“Okay, fine.” Victoria relinquishes the skateboard to Nicole.

Nicole picks it up and brings it back over to where Sophie is sitting (of course) before hopping on and skating away.

Nicole is actually pretty good at skateboarding, but she’s not as fast as Victoria, so it takes her a bit to zoom away from her sisters.

“I get a turn again after you!” Victoria calls.

“Hey, wh’about me?” Sophie says.

The narrator thinks she should’ve made more skateboards.

Nicole likes skateboarding, but she can’t really turn, so when she gets too close to the wall, she calls out: “Toria, can you come here and turn me?”

So Victoria comes. “You have to lean, Nicole.”

“I’d rather not fall,” she says. “Just, like, push on the one side or something.”

Victoria does and Nicole goes off again, until she’s about to bump into the wall again and decides she’s had enough.

They’re all getting really thirsty by now. They pick up the skateboard and trod along home, mostly because Nicole doesn’t like her sisters dehydrated. She’d rather them fresh.

And when they get back, Nicole opens her farmer’s market bags and they all share some fresh berries and carrots, because carrots make Sophie strong.

*  *  *

So I finally did take the dolls to an appropriate spot for skateboarding (so, not my hallway). It was actually my first time taking the dolls away from home (cabin excluded) for a photo-something-or-another. It honestly wasn’t as bad as I thought. There was actually no one at the school (I was worried about running into someone I knew but I think I did it early enough that no teenagers were up) and I saw very few people on the walk over.

Here’s how I took them over. It worked quite well. :) (not sure if this is going to turn into an emoji smiley face, but I typed it as the nice sideways kind . . .)

And this is the wide open area of the school. I was taking pictures in the parking lot, but it was way too windy, so I had to move. But the clouds are pretty!

Also, the skateboard broke partway through . . . so I just had to prop it up on the wheel . . . sorry about that, I’ll glue it back soon.

Oh, oh, and! When I was choosing my pictures yesterday (also the day I took the pictures), my dad looked over at my computer, and this one was up on my screen and he goes ‘that’s creepy, they look so real’ and I went, ‘yeah, that’s good!’. But my point is, my pictures look pretty real, even if he did call them creepy! Anyway, sort of irrelevant, but okay.

Alrighty then, I hope you enjoyed this photo scene and I’ll see you soon enough. I’ve got pictures of Nicole to come!

Is there anything you want to see though? What kinds of posts do you like best?



2 thoughts on “Skating in Summer | A Photo Scene (sort of)

  1. I absolutely love this! There is no proper logic here, but it’s sooo funny! And your pictures are really good, the dolls really do look real.
    As for posts, I like the photo scenes best, but your crafts are always really cool too.

    ~ FlamyFox13


    1. Thank you! Yeah, the dolls don’t do logic so much . . . I mean, they try, but . . . *shruggy emoji that I don’t know how to make*
      I like the photo scenes a lot too, and I do want to craft more, so that’s great to hear!


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