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Headlines From Hedgehog Hollow – Page 13

Please type your answers in the comments! We would love to see if they match what we put on the invisible page 31!

(Sophie, whispering: I can’t remember what I put on the invisible page 31!

Victoria: Quick, make something up! No one’ll know!)

-The Hedgehog Hollow Crew (which, for the record, does not include ForestPoodle88. It’s all dolls around here!)

4 thoughts on “Headlines From Hedgehog Hollow – Page 13

  1. This is the funniest quiz I’ve ever seen! Alright, here are my answers:
    1. Only once, never more!
    2. Don’t go near a siren in the first place, if close, plug your ears.
    3. Nope, Victoria can’t.
    4. Yes.
    5. Yes, Nicole should!
    6. Yep, because Sophie ‘made’ the answers.
    7. The best thing is obviously to annoy your sibling.
    8. Toria, of course!
    9. In Romania. Or Pennsylvania.
    10. They just are.
    11. Yeah, definitely.
    12. Of course I do!
    Are the answers right, Sophie?

    ~ FlamyFox13


    1. Uh, maybe. Let me think – er, check. Because I totally have a copy of invisible page 31.
      1.Yeah, that’s right!
      2.Yes, but you could also convince the sirens to be friends, you know.
      3.Toria tells me the answer for this one is actually yes, because she wishes she could do a backflip, but not to tell you that.
      4.Well, he kinda liked minions. He always said he liked Dory better.
      5.Okay, I will tell her not to bump into anything!
      6.No!!! Well, tree climbing IS for turtles, but it’s also for humans, so yeah, I guess you’re right.
      7.Nope, absolutely not. The best thing to do is hug your sibling, c’mon FlamyFox13!
      8.Noooo! It’s me! Actually it’s Nicole because I forget to collect the eggs.
      9.I’m pretty sure it’s Transylvania, but I woulda accepted New York as an answer too.
      10.Okay, fine, you get that one.
      11.I’d like to sing to an elf, but fine.
      12.I’m very glad! We’ll have to do another one sometime!
      Thank you very much for doing our quiz and I hope you have a squishy Saturday! Oh wait, it’s not Saturday . . .

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