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A Frisbee-less Day | A Photo Story

Um, yikes! I did not mean to vanish for a month again! Well, I’m back, but, yeah, school’s been especially busy this year and now we’ve moved online again, so that’s not fun.

But I’m here right now! And so are Victoria and Nicole! So without further ado about nothing, I present . . . . A Frisbee-less Day!

(Also, sorry, the pictures are a little blurrier than normal because I didn’t have the tripod I normally use.)


It was the last day of winter break and Victoria and Nicole were sitting on the living room floor. This was mostly because the human had taken out the couch to make a much better one and the two hadn’t been able to decide who should get the lone chair.

Nicole was working on a school art project where she had to colour everything in with triangles . . .

. . . and Toria was playing with an easy marble maze.

“Hey, Nicole, do we have a frisbee?” she asked, setting down the maze.

Nicole looked up from the dog she was colouring. “No, we don’t. Why?”

Victoria looked down at the maze and sighed. “I dunno, just thought maybe we could play frisbee when you’re done your art. This maze is too easy.”

“Hold up, wait!” Nicole flung her arms in the air. “You know what we do have?”


“Plates! They’re metal, so they won’t break. They might throw well!”

Toria got up and ran over to the drawer unit. She tugged on the drawer. It was a bit stiff and the lack of drawer pulls really wasn’t helping. Toria needed to ask ForestPoodle88 to fix that next.

Toria rummaged around in the drawer and pulled out two objects.

“Here’s a pie tin too. Do you think that might work?” Victoria asked as she sat back down.

“Maybe. Won’t hurt to try.”

“Am I allowed to throw things inside the house?”

“Yeah, just don’t tell ForestPoodle or Sophie!”

“Why Sophie?”

“Uh, somehow I don’t think it would go over well if Soph knew she could throw things in the house . . . ”

Toria got ready to throw the plate.


“Yes, go!” Nicole cried.

The plate was flung through the air and landed with a dull clank.

“Well, that was kinda disappointing.” Victoria looked at where the plate lay, a few feet away from her shoes.

“Try the pie tin, it’s got a more frisbee-y shape,” Nicole said.

Toria gave the pie tin a try, but it just wibbled and wobbled.

It clattered down not too far from the plate.

“I guess a real frisbee still works best,” Victoria said, gathering up the dishes.

She put them away and flopped back down on Sophie’s sleeping bag.

“Wait, I’ve got another idea,” Nicole said, colouring in a triangle on her dog’s ear.

“What now? The last one didn’t work!” Toria’s boredom was making her cranky.

“No, this is a good one. Scientifically proven to work! Actually, I don’t know that part, but still. It’s not a frisbee, but . . . ,” Nicole reached for the pile of paper beside her.

“You can make paper airplanes!” She handed the paper with a flourish to Victoria.

“Okay, you’re right. Thanks, Nicole.”

Pretty soon Toria had an airplane all folded up and ready.

Nicole set her homework aside and grabbed a piece of paper for herself. It was G.O.O.S. paper from ForestPoodle88’s math homework, but Nicole didn’t mind.

A few quick folds later, she had her own airplane ready to fly.

“Oh, that’s a cool design,” Nicole said, looking at her sister’s plane.

“Thanks! Alright, let’s do this!” Toria’s eyes gleamed.

She stepped back and got ready to throw.

“Ready, set, GO!” Nicole yelled.

The plane whooshed and turned around, landing upside down a bit further than where the pie tin had been.

Toria went to go pick it up but Nicole stuck her airplane in front of her.

“Wait! Do you wanna see whose goes furthest?”

“You bet!”

Nicole lined up and hurled her plane.

It glided, taking a deep dive down . . .

. . . to land just in front of Toria’s.

“Yes! I won!” Nicole cheered.

“I guess you did,” Victoria agreed. She sat back down and fiddled around for a few minutes.

“But now I’m going to beat you!” She pulled out a new plane. “Maybe the folded up tips will help?”

She launched it into the air.

“Uh, nope, not very far at all, sorry, Toria.” Nicole said.

Nicole sat down and grabbed some more paper too and started folding.

Nicole threw her new paper airplane. Despite the fact that she didn’t fold any wings down at all, it made it further than her winning plane.

“Aw, yeah!” she crowed.

“Hey! You keep getting working planes!”

Toria whipped up another, this time with vents at the back. It . . . didn’t really work. It seemed like the folded up bits weren’t helping.

“Okay, now watch this,” Nicole told Victoria. She launched a rectangular plane.

It fell not to far from her feet.

“Well, that was pointless!” Nicole said.

Toria laughed. “Hey, it was you who decided not to give it a point!”

A few minutes later led to more new planes. Victoria held up a plane with cool shaped wings and a long nose. “This one’s gonna go far!”

“Okay, let’s see it!”

And it did! It even turned and tried to loop back.

“Uh, bonus points for trying to come back?” Nicole suggested.

“Maybe we should count how far it went before it turned?” Victoria asked hopefully.

“Do you know where that was?” Nicole raised her eyebrows.

“Yeah, no. Fine, you’re still winning.”

Nicole threw a plane like her first, but with thinner wings. Somehow it went further.

“No fair! You must have better paper!” Toria cried.

“Nope, that one even had a hole in it. And . . . I think we’re also out of paper.”

“Aww, man!”

They surveyed the planes they had thrown. Nicole’s thin-winged plane had won!

“Yes! I defended my title!”

“Okay, fine, you get bragging rights, Nicole. But my planes still looked cooler!” Toria said, patting Nicole on the back.

“Yup, sounds good to me. Mine go farther, yours look better. Except the pointless one. That one didn’t go anywhere.”

“Yeah, but hey, you know how else I won?”

“How?” Nicole started gathering up the paper airplanes. Toria joined her.

“I wasn’t bored!”

Nicole laughed.

*  *  *


Full disclaimer: I actually have no idea which design of plane is best. Yes, I test threw them . . . but I also put photographed them kinda randomly, so maybe do your own paper airplane research? Whatever you do, don’t make it pointless!

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed. The dolls and I had fun making this post!

Which plane’s your favourite? Or do you have a good paper airplane style? I’m particularly fond of Toria’s one with the shaped wings, the one that turned back. It throws pretty nicely!

Oh, and Happy New Year!



3 thoughts on “A Frisbee-less Day | A Photo Story

  1. This is a great story! Toria’s back with her modes of transportation, I see. Or vehicles, maybe, since you can’t ride a paper airplane! Also, they just look so cute, both the airplanes and the dolls.
    ~ FlamyFox13


    1. Thank you! I really had fun doing it. Yes, always modes of transportation! Uh, hold up a second, Toria has something to say.
      Toria: What do you mean you can’t ride paper airplanes?!? Okay, maybe I can’t ride those ones ’cause I’m a little big, but an ant could! Or I could ride a giant airplane!
      O-kay, sure, Toria.


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