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Trees, trees, and more trees! | A Photo Shoot With Victoria

Hello! Today I’ve got some pictures of Victoria (her writing will be in green) from when I was up at the cabin during the summer. Not exactly seasonal right now, but you know, it’s okay.

My brother guarded Toria like this while I ran to get fresh batteries for my camera. All he said when I got back was that her eyelashes stick up. I guess it’s true . . . ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


The colours of this one are kinda Christmas-y, so I might crop it and maybe I’ll do Christmas pictures this year. We’ll see.

Toria thought the flowers were huge . . . maybe I shouldn’t tell her that bigger flowers exist?

And then Toria found a chair . . . a teal Muskoka chair.

The chair had excellent colour choice!


Of course, she had to climb it, which is a little tricky when you’re only 18 inches tall!


This is definitely one of my favourites. (Those shining eyesssss!)

And then Victoria had to stand on the chair arm too. She claims it was because of the trees behind her, but I’m not so convinced . . . :)

Hey, it was! . . . Okay, and I wanted to climb the chair more.

The only way to get down.

And . . . walking away from me. Good job Toria.


Climbing trees – another doll favourite!

Nicole, from the other room, who just heard ‘trees’: Yes! Yes! Trees are awesome!

Sophie, hearing only Nicole: What about trees?! Are we getting a new one? Can it be a cedar?

Victoria, sitting beside me this whole time: *laughter*

And hugging trees, because trees. I’m actually really pleased with this picture too.

This is sort of beneath the cabin, but the light looked cool.

She fell right after I took this picture. I shouldn’t tell you that, but it’s true!

More trees . . . because every tree she found she needed to take a picture with!

And she was tired of walking large distances.

Hey, look! My dress matches the trees!

You just realized?

The required doll shoes picture, of course. :)

I don’t get it. Why are humans so obsessed with our feet when we have great faces to look at?

Oh, and look at that broken tree thing!

Then she found my grandpa’s toy tractor . . .

(It’s not a toy like a plastic kids’ toy, but like, a fun thing toy.)

Look, look! It’s so big! And it’s got wheels! And it’s orange!

If only my arms were longer . . . 

*  *  *

Which picture’s your favourite?

Oh, and check out Episode 3 of Crafting/Cooking with Cole! Nicole and I put a lot of work into that, plus there’s glitter glue involved! (She says I didn’t do anything, but she doesn’t realize how hard it is being a cameraperson! She also really likes glitter glue.)

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. School is busy.


4 thoughts on “Trees, trees, and more trees! | A Photo Shoot With Victoria

  1. Toria looks beautiful here! And your pictures are always so clear… (yeah, I know mine aren’t). Also, Sophie and Nicole piping in about trees from the other room… 🤣


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