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New Maplelea Release!

Hi everyone! Maplelea released a bunch of new clothes lately, and I figure you probably haven’t seen them yet (Maplelea IS a lot smaller than American Girl), so . . . Here they are.

Maplelea doesn’t seem to give any kind of warning or something before they release things, but it is that time of year again when they generally do.

Their releases aren’t super big, and there seems to be only one a year, but I think the clothes are good quality (and the shoes! the best doll shoes ever!) and they do come with informative journal pages too.

Alexi got two new things – this outfit and then the hat and glasses which are their own thing. The outfit’s called Mooncakes of Toronto, and then there are the Stargazer Accessories.

I think the outfit’s a bit weird, not my style, but it is Alexi’s and the jacket is cool. I don’t think I like the colour combo here.


And Charlsea got this new Saturday Market Sundress! I think it’s really cute, and it’s a good thing they’re giving her more clothes because they’re retiring a lot of what she has now. Not that it was ever that much.  (Those shoes aren’t included.) Anyway, the colours on this are really nice and Charlsea just looks great in the photo.

Also, I’m still waiting on Maplelea to come out with a new Maplelea Girl, because they haven’t done that since Charlsea in 2015.


This is Jenna’s Nova Scotia Sunrise Sweater Set. Normally I really wouldn’t like the combination of orange and blue . . . but this is Jenna, and it does bring to mind an east coast sunrise. I like it. Something I could see my dolls wearing. Jenna’s my favourite of the Maplelea Girls. (Again, shoes not included.)

Léonie didn’t get anything new new, but two of her old things were brought back – Concertina Coat, Purse and Hat and then her Celebration shoes (see better below). I think the coat’s more stylish and grown up than it was before. Also, I don’t remember a hat like that, but it’s very nice.

And the shoes have bows instead of a crossed over/twisted front detail. I think I like the older ones better.

And Saila’s got a new outfit too! This is the Kimmirut Jewels Outfit. (Boots not included.) It’s simple, but still very cute and I’m glad Saila’s getting new stuff. I do like that shirt and doll hoodies are always adorable! They’re just so warm and small and cute and it really makes me wonder why I don’t have a single doll sweater . . .

Oh, and Taryn got a new snowsuit! It’s called Banff Big 3 Snowsuit and Boots. It’s much better than her previously mostly-white with a bit of pale green snowsuit. I think they’re going to take the journal pages from the now retired Après Ski outfit and give it to this outfit, because those journal pages were about Banff’s Big 3 ski resorts or whatever you call them. I guess we’ll find out.

Anyway, this is very nice and snowsuit-y!

This is also Taryn’s, called Jaunty Jacquard Outfit. I think I’m supposed to know what jacquard is, but I don’t. I’m going to assume it’s the pattern on the socks, hat and sweater here. I like the colours on this. They kinda match her snowsuit. Neither are really traditionally ‘Taryn’ colours, but I think they’re cool.

Brianne didn’t get anything new in this release, but I guess she’s got lots already.

And here’s the Maplelea Friends  – oops, sorry, it’s Maplelea & ME! now – (like AG’s Truly Me, for those interested) stuff:

Girls’ Essentials – Socks and Underwear. This one is coming soon and apparently there’s also a boy version, but there’s no picture up of that yet. It’s pretty basic, but the colours are nice. My only question is, do dolls actually wear undershirts? Anyone know? It seems kinda silly . . .

These are the Lavender Fields Sandals, which are also simple, but cool. I visited some lavender fields when I was in Québec with my family a few years ago and they were really pretty.

Maplelea’s trying to make more clothes for their boy dolls now (they have 3 now – 2 news ones were released, but I’m not going to show them or the girl doll that was released.). I think this one works pretty well for anyone though. It’s the Muskoka Lumberjack Outfit. Muskoka is a sort of cottage country area in Ontario. The only thing about this outfit is that it’s super different from Northern Spirit, just with different pants and a shirt instead of mitts. (Boots not included.)

This is the Basketball North Gym Gear. It’s very realistic, I think. The kind of thing people – not me, but people – wear.

And of course, more Canadianness. It’s not pajamas this year, but the Woodland Wildlife Bedding. I think they overdo a lot of the Canadian aspect of things, but this is still cute.

They also brought back Charlsea’s Sea Otter Sleepwear and her Good Morning Sunshine Bedding – no changes that I know of have been made to these.

Anyway, so that’s what’s new in the Maplelea world! Do you like any of the new stuff? I have to say, Jenna’s sweater set might be my favourite. Or maybe Charlsea’s sundress.


P.S. I’ve been pretty busy with school lately, so expect a decrease in posts, but I do have pictures taken for a least three more posts, so there is stuff coming! Just you wait!

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