How to Do a Cartwheel According to Hailey

Hey! It’s Hailey here today!

I’m really excited, because I’ve never written a post on here before, but now I get to take over not only my own human’s blog (Peace in the Pines (ForestPoodle88 can you put a link here?)), but also another human’s blog! Anyway, very exciting.

So today, I get to show you all how to actually do a cartwheel! Just ignore whatever anyone has told you on this subject before. I’m going to show you the right way, okay?


Okay, so you will want to start sitting on a tile floor! Just kidding, you’ll want a cushy surface, just in case you fall like I always do. Maybe a mat, or grass or something. And start standing.

Put one foot WAAAAY in front of the other, which ever you want, doesn’t matter. And I guess you’ll want to put your hands up in the air, because how else do you do a cartwheel? Yeah, I don’t know.

Lean over more, until you nearly fall (but don’t, because that’s not a cartwheel and you can’t get a picture that way).

Then flip yourself up onto your first hand, and because you’re a doll, also your head. And your feet should come off the ground at this point.

See? You’re all the way upside down!

And you’re just gonna keep going, rolling like a cart-wheel! Ooh, ForestPoodle88 got a really cool picture of me actually moving, not stopped in the middle of my cartwheel!

See, stationary picture again!

And you just keep going more, and somewhere in there your feet will get close to the ground, so put them down, and take your hands off the ground. Don’t worry if that sounds confusing, it’ll all work out when you’re doing it! Somehow. Maybe. You might fall. It’s possible.

Anyway, you’ll end up right back on your feet, like at the beginning, but facing the other direction! And of course, strike a dramatic pose. Toss your hair that needs brushing!

And ta-da!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You have done a cartwheel. Bravo!!!!!! Especially if you didn’t fall, because… (you know what, I’m not going to tell you that I fell in the middle of that and got back up again into position like it didn’t happen).

Okay, that’s it!

ForestPoodle88, you don’t get to say any “closing remarks” or anything, because this is my post now, okay? No, don’t answer that.

Bye everyone!


2 thoughts on “How to Do a Cartwheel According to Hailey

  1. Haileyyyyy! What did you do to the tags?? And who is going to be able to do a cart-wheel with these instructions? Not me! I did add in that link for you though . . .
    (For you humans out there, I took these pictures at the beginning of the year, at the wrong time of day (hence the uneven editing) and, well, Hailey posted them.)


  2. Um.
    I just added the appropriate tags! You’ve got to do something unexpected when you’ve been literally asked to take over! Well, I never said anyone could do a cartwheel from the instructions! I just said this is the right way to do it if you’re a doll!


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