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Nicole and the Daffodils | A Photo Shoot

Hey, it’s me again, but Nicole’s here too this time!

We went outside at lunch time about a week or so ago and I took some pictures.

The daffodils and forget-me-nots and Nicole are just so pretty!!

I didn’t do anything to her hair before because I don’t have that much time at lunch, and yeah, brushing her hair is an undertaking.

I think daffodils are my favourite flower! 

(Yes, Nicole’s colour has changed to clear blue – please let me know if it doesn’t show up on my background – and Victoria’s is now green. It’s a more accurate reflection of them.)

These flowers are pretty too, but I don’t know what they’re called.

I really like this picture. It’s like a small meadow of flowers.

Yay, the camera decided not to focus on everything for once!

See? Forget-me-nots! They’re small and cheerful and grow all over our gardens.

I’m pleased with this one. Nicole is too.

Why do humans have to be so obsessed with my shoes?? They’re just shoes!

Nicole, you’re supposed to look at the flower you’re holding. But I still really like this picture.

I was absorbing it through my peripheral vision. (*whispers* Well, I was actually looking at the tree across the street, but don’t tell ForestPoodle that.)

This one is even better! Yay for wind!

Nicole finally got some trees involved.

Hey, I like trees a lot!

And a non-dolly photo because it’s nice.

THIS one is my favourite. Flowers and trees!

It looked better in real life.

More doll shoes, of course!

I took the camera and tried to take a selfie. I think I need longer arms. Maybe I’ll go find a really wild dog and take them for a walk to stretch out my arms!

Yes, wind is awesome.

I don’t know what those little pink flowers are called either.

Also, I take too many pictures of shoes, but we knew that! Next photoshoot will be just shoes, don’t worry!! XD

Really like how the sun looks here.

Also, I made Nicole’s dress (self-drafted pattern and all) last May, with the closest thing we had to a small old-fashioned floral. Our fabric situation has since improved so I need to make Nicole another dress at some point. Victoria won’t wear small florals, which is disappointing (she says only large or bold florals for her), so Nicole’s gonna get another new dress once I finish all the other projects on my list!

Which picture is your favourite? And any ideas on what style I should make this future dress?


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