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My Ramblings on Random Maplelea Outfits

Hey all! It’s just me today, but I thought I’d give you all some of my opinions on some very random Maplelea stuff.

They did come out with two outfits recently – very interesting because they normally only release in October or November. I’ll get to those in a bit.

(All pictures are either direct from Maplelea or are old and from their Pinterest.)

Outdoor Odyssey

Now, this outfit – which is retired – is definitely odd, but I do kinda like it. I totally wore shorts like that when I was six! Plus, I can see Sophie wearing something like this, but without the tank top because she’s got a white body. The colours are kinda weird, but Taryn must have something going because like a month ago I found myself wearing something similar! The whole capris, shorts, tank top and hoodie thing actually works! (My tank and capris were black though, and I had camo shorts and a green hoodie – completely different colours, but the same elements.)

Uh, wait, hold up, I have to remember the actual title for this outfit. . . . Oh, yeah, it’s Urban Jungle! Yeah, me and my sisters just called it The Ugly! (It’s retired now too – good riddance!) We actually wrote that in our catalogs (I call them magazines though for some reason)! I think this one is way worse than Taryn’s Outdoor Odyssey! The shirt, fine, but not with the rest of it! The flats are nice, but the shorts and tights are weird colours (and I’m not talking about the style, because I actually really like shorts and tights/leggings etc.). And the vest-thingy is odd too. 

Okay, and Maplelea actually came out with some new outfits, but I’m not sure what I think. The Whale Watch outfit is pretty cute, although I wish it wasn’t geared so much towards boys. Plus the doll on the left is wearing blue and orange together, which I do NOT like! But, those are two new boy dolls and they’re not gonna be available until November and yet Maplelea shows them now??? I like the whale swim trunks – Sophie does too and wishes they were in her size! XD The orange shorts look weirdly long though. The shirts/rash guards are cute though and I could see some people getting those even for the girl dolls. 

This is just my opinion, but I don’t really like how divided the whole boy-girl thing is in the doll world. Like, you do know that not everyone fits into that binary and even if they do, a girl might want to wear the “boys” outfits, right? Plus, I feel like the guys get a whole lot less stuff and it’s kinda stereotypical. (C’mon AG, there’s still only 4 ‘boy’ Truly Mes!) And, I think they should be trying to make outfits that anyone can wear, regardless of gender – and the dolls should model them as such too!

The Unicorn of the Sea outfit is also pretty stereotypically girly. Not really my style and it feels like it’s aimed towards younger girls as opposed to some of the more classy outfits. I won’t lie, the pieces ARE cute, but together it’s a bit too much. The top is cute and I could see one of the little ones (Soph and Charlotte) wearing this, but not really the 18 inchers. Nicole would probably wear the skirt though. The shorts just look weird and not well made, but the bathing suit is fine. 

Snow Blast Snowsuit

Also, this is not a full paragraph, but I just want to say that I love Jenna’s new snowsuit!

Nightie Night, Perfectly Pink Pajamas, Sugarplum PJs

And why does Brianne still have 3 pairs of pajamas available when Charlsea’s only pair is retired??? 

Town and Country is one of those outfits that I just don’t like. Is anyone really going to wear that in the country? Correct me if I’m wrong, of course, but my mother grew up on an farm and I don’t think they would have been wearing fancy boots and sequins like that. 

Casa Loma Lights has a weirdly stiff skirt, and they put too many things on those boots, but the shirt’s cute at least. Also, the number is KA4. Does anyone know if this is the second incarnation and if there was a previous version?

Sorry, but the Standing Ovation dress is really cute! I’m a sucker for old-fashioned-type dresses! I just love it. It might be on my wish list if I actually think about it. 


And I still do not like Alexi’s Cabbagetown Karma. Too frilly and icky. 

Other thought: Alexi looks so much prettier when you can see her ears. Just how it is. 

Set to Celebrate Outfit

Oh, right, I nearly forgot about the Napkin Skirt! You see the skirt on the Set to Celebrate Outfit? Zoom in on the picture if you need to. 

Set to Celebrate Set

Yep, now isn’t that exactly like these purple napkins in skirt form? I think it’s hilarious!!

Also, also, Brianne’s new starter outfit has been around since 2014, and it is still sold separately. You just have to love that! Seriously, 7 years later!

Really digging Jenna’s Camp Style. Not the shoes, but they don’t come with it anyways.

Okay, that’s all for today! I’ll give you more thoughts and opinions another day.


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