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Snow and Green Grass – And a Doll, Of Course! (A Photoshoot)

Hey everyone! I’m in a really good mood because I just finished my courses for quadmester 3, so a) I have four days to do what I like with, no homework at all before next quad starts and b) no more super long chemistry videos! (chem is interesting, don’t get me wrong, but listening to an hour and 40 minute long video is not). Oh, and c) it’s nice and windy outside, which is completely irrelevant to the quad thing, but that’s okay.

Okay, now I’ll get on to what you all want to see! Pictures of Victoria! Yaaayyy!

So for some weird reason, it snowed on Wednesday (it normally snows here at the beginning of April, but not this far in, and the snow certainly doesn’t stay around for longer than an hour). And I decided it would be a good idea to go out at lunch time and take some pictures of Victoria, who was conveniently already dressed in mostly appropriate clothing (at least, she would have been if it hadn’t snowed).

I may have edited this one wrong. The colours are a little yellow I think.

It also snowed yesterday.

Anyhow, it turns out it was a good idea and I am quite pleased with the pictures! I did edit most of them, just using the Microsoft picture editor-thingy that the computer has.

See? Cool editing!

Anyways, I’ll stop blathering on too much. I seem to be really chatty (or is it “type-y”? Because that sounds weird.) today.

The first of many required doll shoe pictures!

I dunno, but the snow and super green grass look cool together.

More cuteness! Toria is just gorgeous!

Plus, those curls! I wish my hair could curl like that! My hair’s just straight and flips up on the ends if I don’t brush it upside down after my shower.

Uh, there’s still more shoe pictures even after this, sorry . . .

Also, they’re Hailey’s new shoes (from the Maplelea Positively Peaceful outfit, in case you were wondering).

I went to the other side of the ladder and angled the camera up oddly for this one. Still think it’s cool. :)

Ah, yes, the bring-my-leg-up-as-far-as-it-can-possibly-go-because-I-am-a-doll-so-my-leg-can-go-that-high-and-also-because-ladders-are-not-designed-for-my-kind.

I’m pretty sure if I were a doll I would never get up the stairs.

The picture’s too dark and I couldn’t fix it well . . .

I’m not even sure how she got snow on her hair! XD It was just all of a sudden there one moment.

I was trying to make it look old. Did I succeed?

I know, I know, I’m sorry . . .  :*( Well, actually, I’m not. I like doll shoes. Do you think I should do a whole photoshoot of shoes someday?

Dolls have the ability to walk directly down slides, didn’t you know?

This would be nice if her shirt hadn’t gotten caught on her pants. And if I could edit better.

The power of trees! Ignore the poles holding the fence up.

Here’s the original. Really dark, but pretty.

So I edited it. Limited success.

So I edited it a different way. Kinda cool?

AAaaaaahh! This would be cute if Toria hadn’t thought it important to catch the back of her jacket on the tree like humans do.

She is definitely standing on the ground.

Totally not holding her up by her legs.  :)

Okay, that’s all for today. Which picture is your favourite? And do you have any answers to some of the weird questions I asked? Or just comments in general?

(I’ll put them here again, for your reference: I was trying to make it look old. Did I succeed? [this was to the black-and-white picture of Toria on top of the slide-structure-thingy] Do you think I should do a whole photoshoot of shoes someday? Dolls have the ability to walk directly down slides, didn’t you know?)

-ForestPoodle88 (and Victoria, of course!)



4 thoughts on “Snow and Green Grass – And a Doll, Of Course! (A Photoshoot)

  1. This is amazing! In answer to your questions- yes, I think the picture does look old! You’re making me feel guilty… I never edit photos and was just about to post some super blurry ones! You know, a whole photoshoot of shoes would be pretty cool. Would the shoes be attached to a doll? And no. Dolls cannot walk directly down slides. Not possible, plus sliding is way more fun. Poor Toria for missing out on that because of her human!

    ~ FlamyFox13


    1. You could try editing pictures, you know. It’s not terribly difficult. Well, yes, I was thinking that the shoes would be “attached” as you put it, other wise it’d be a little weird, no? Yes, dolls can definitely walk down slides!! I am sure of it. Toria would have slid down if there wasn’t snow. Maybe someday I’ll have to try taking a picture of a doll sliding.


  2. Oh my gosh Toria is so beautiful!!! I just adore her hair :D I wish mine could curl like that too, my hair will curl on it’s own after I wash it, but doesn’t stay more then a day. And curling it with an iron or rollers doesn’t work either since my hair is really thick and heavy (the weight of it just ends up pulling out the curls :( ). To answer your question, I think you definitely succeeded with giving the pic an older vibe! It looks awesome!!! :D Yes yes YES please do a photo shoot of doll shoes!!! I love doll shoe shots! And I had no idea dolls could walk up and down slides (I did find out they can climb and fall off dinosaurs though, long story 😅)! Amazing photos and post, ForestPoodle!
    -Katie :)


    1. Thank you so much! Yes, she’s one of the prettiest dolls I’ve ever seen! My hair’s pretty short so it curls (more like waves) okay when it’s wet, but no where near Toria’s. It’s also a good thing her hair is curly because I don’t have to brush it! I’m still terrible at doing doll hair. Thanks, I was very pleased with how that picture looked too! Okay, yes, a doll shoe photoshoot is definitely in the plans now!! It’s going to be so exciting – now I just have to figure out which shoes to include! Dinosaurs??! Sophie would love to fall off a dinosaur XD

      Liked by 1 person

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