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Throwback Thursday: Some More Terrible Old Pictures

He he, it’s me again, with more terrible pictures that I thought were great at some point or another. Well, my photography is still not great, but hey, at least I adjust for lighting now.

One time FlamyFox13 and I tried making a stopmotion, but it really didn’t work! I was in pretty much all of the pictures, plus we moved the camera around so much. I actually always liked the pose in this picture.

But hey, we had fun doing it! I think the whole plot was that Nicole woke up with only her underwear on, and then Hailey came a long and helped her get dressed.

This was taken the summer of 2018, during the Doll STEM Camp that Doll Days hosted. We made astronaut ice cream and took pictures of all of them eating it. For some reason, Charlotte eating it like that is hilarious!

Yup, that’s me!

This was how the doll room looked at one point. It’s been through about 50 million redos since then!

ANd here’s Nicole at that same point in time, when I was trying in vain to help her hair. (Like, I was literally going down to the roots and separating strand by strand! It probably did nothing.)

Okay, Nicole looks cute, but it’s a BAAAADDDD picture.

Of course, the chicken coop!

Oh, and this is the Swiss Army Knife I made for Sophie. I think I’m going to make them for the other dolls sometime soon too. Do you want to see a tutorial/this-is-how-I-did-it type thing?

Not sure what this was for, but it’s kinda cute.

I was going to do a photostory of Sophie getting ready for camp a couple years ago, but I never posted it. Here they’re rolling the bedroll.

And this is the final result. Hopefully she’s not missing anything! :)

From Christmas the year before last. Also, if you’re wondering what that is by Nicole’s feet, it’s a drawing of Pippi Longstocking that I did in 3rd grade. Isn’t it fantastic?!

One day last year, Nicole decided she was going to look very busy, but not actually do anything. I wish I’d taken a photo of the end result. I think she was talking on Hailey’s phone, reading a book, writing a letter to Hailey to explain that she couldn’t play because she was busy, eating Pygmy Puff cereal and she was probably doing a couple other things too!

Anyhow, that’s all for today. Which not-so-nice picture is your favourite?


5 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday: Some More Terrible Old Pictures

  1. Haha, I remember some of those! It wasn’t a stopmotion, not really, somewhere between a stopmotion and a photoshoot. Anyway, you should totally still post Sophie getting ready for camp! I’ve been waiting to see that!


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