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Most Worn Clothes (not clothes that are all worn out!) | By Victoria

Hey guys, what’s up? It’s Toria! I feel all fancy and like a Youtuber person talking to millions of followers!

(How many followers does this thing have?)

Anyway, um, so FP88 – I like Soph’s short form – decided we were going to do a post on the clothes worn most on the blog. And so Sophie and Nicole then decided I should do the post. Supposedly to get to know the wardrobe?! Anyhoo, yup, that’s what I’m doing. Now, to find the actual pictures. What’s the URL again?

Nicole, from the other room: It’s!

Thanks Nicole! :)

There’s FP88’s calculator again, in the corner.

Okay, I’m going to tally these. Give me, um, 5 hours?

This blue shirt of Nicole’s . . . and that pink flowery one of Sophie’s . . . grey leggings – verry versatile . . . ooooh, those weird brown pants that have no elastic anymore and that Nicole is currently wearing and she looks fine although I think I would look really bad in them . . .

. . . jean shorts – Nicole really likes jeans shorts . . . oh, we’ve this really cool snowman sweater . . . and I think Sophie really likes those shorts . . . how come the shorts with pockets aren’t here much? . . . okay, done!

Bye! (Oh, and sorry for cradling the granola jar – I like it just as much as my sisters, maybe more!)

Nicole: Uh, Victoria, you have to actually tell everyone what you found!


Well, there are a lot of things . . .

[pause while I get ready to heave myself up onto this dresser-thing we have.]

. . . that weren’t worn very much, including this really pink tulle-y dress that I’ve seen in the clothes box and that no-one should ever wear . . .

. . . or at least not without wearing like camo or denim or something. Fortunately, it won’t fit me!

[I finish heaving myself onto the dresser, which is a lot higher than you might think. It’s like waist height! Or Sophie’s chin height!]

Also, the green wrap dress that Nicole wore in her first appearance has only been worn once since then, Sophie should wear her SMILE shirt on camera more often. . .

[brief pause while I readjust a bothersome curl. Seriously, that one just won’t stay in place!]

. . . and Nicole hasn’t worn her bathing suit much. No surprise there!

Okay, now for the real countdown!

#5 – Sophie’s pajamas (this is collective, okay people?!) and Nicole’s pillow dress.

Sophie’s summer pajamas, obviously.

Does Sophie wear pajamas on here a lot, or is it just me? ‘Cause she’s wearing her two pairs in 6 different posts.

Cole also has this striped pillow dress that she’s worn a bit.

#4 – Sophie’s overalls, the sparkly jeans, the blue skirt-shorts, the yellow flowery dress, the yoga jacket, the checked shorts, Nicole’s fluffy boots, the brown dress

Ugh, that title was way too long! Anyhoo, Sophie says she really likes her overalls but I think she likes her star shorts a bit more. I don’t know why she doesn’t wear the shorts she’s currently wearing (the yellow ones with pockets) a bit more, but maybe they’re new.

Those sparkly jeans, the blue skirt-shorts (Nicole: they’re called a skort! Me: that’s a really weird name!), the yellow and white flowery dress that I don’t really want to wear (FP88: But, Toria, you’d look adorable!), that yoga jacket that matches the pants I’m currently wearing, Nicole’s really cool vibrant checked shorts (I need to steal them!) and Nicole’s fluffy winter boots all were in 4 posts. Oh, and that brown dress was there 4 times too. Nicole says it was the only winter dress before I came along and FP88 made me one. I think mine is better, but Nicole can still borrow it if she wants.

#3 – Everything that was worn 5 times! I am not typing it all out this time!

So, that blue long sleeved shirt and Nicole’s white sundress. Isn’t white like super impractical to be worn that much??

And Nicole wears her grey leggings a lot. I wear my grey jeggings a lot too.

Nicole modeling those brown pants as I’m writing this. I took the picture myself! Do you like it?

And those brown pants that I think are Sophie’s but are way too loose and she literally has to use suspenders on (actually Nicole had to tuck them into her leggings so they would stay up too) – they were on here 5 times! Maybe I will have to wear them at some point. Maybe I should get FP88 to replace the elastic before I do that. ;)

Um, also, Nicole told me about these grey shorts that she apparently has? Uh, I think I found them in one post – on Sophie! She likes her jean shorts way more – they’re #3, not the grey ones!

Oh, and Soph’s star shorts go here too.

#2 – Sophie’s pink flowery blouse

See? She even wore it in, like, the first real post!

She wore this (well, actually Nicole wore it twice) 7 times! Well, probably because it was her only long sleeve shirt until a couple weeks ago.

#1 – Sophie’s purple tee with the pocket

You wanna know how many times Sophie wore this shirt? 9 times! And I only counted all those mystery posts as one, because technically Sophie says it was all one day. So that’s – um – 15 posts out of 73 that she wore the shirt, which is . . . um, does anyone know if 73 is prime or not??

I’m still not sure I’m going to know what to find when I get dressed in the morning.

(And yes, there’s that granola jar again. I’m hiding it from Sophie. SHHHH – don’t say anything!)

-The Victorious Victoria!

P.S. Comment down below with a) what your favourite article of clothing of ours is and b) whether you think 73 is a prime number or not! It’s kinda important, don’t you think?

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