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A Day In the Life of Sophie | A Photo Story

[8 o’clock in the morning. The camera is turned on.]


Sophie! Wake up! C’mon! [Camera-doll Nicole shakes Sophie, and the camera]

What?! What’s happenin’? I’m awake. 

Um, you’re getting filmed today for the Day in the Life of You thing. Ready?

Uh, yeah sure. 

Actually, your hair’s a mess. We have to do something about that first. 

But you’re still filming, right? 

Oh, yeah, here I’ll stop it then we’ll get you ready for the day.

[click. Camera is turned off.]


[8:32 am. click. Camera is filming again.]

Okay, ready, set, action!

I think it’s ‘lights, cam’ra, action’ Nicole. 

Oh, yeah, okay. I think you have to tell the viewer people what you’re doing. 

Okay, I’ll just talk to myself like I do normally then. I really don’t like bringing the table from the bedroom, but we’re kinda short on chairs, so yeah. That’s what I’m doin’. The other chair is too big. Oh, and I got dressed. Nicole did my hair ’cause I do not like doin’ it.

Um, I’m gonna have apple juice (in a jar cause we don’t got cups yet) and granola. 

[struggles to open granola jar. Passes it to camera-doll, who leaves camera and fails to open the jar too.]

Okay, I’m just going to have Pygmy Puff cereal, then. It’s good. You want some, Nicole?

Yeah, I already ate before I woke you up. Besides, you’re not supposed to talk to me. I’m not here, remember?


So now, I’m going to feed the hamsters, because it’s my week to do that. Next week I get to look after Wilhelmina instead, but I keep forgetting to collect her eggs, so it’s probably a good thing Nicole’s doing that this week. Hey, Nicole, did you do that- nope, Soph, you don’t get to talk to her. Sorry, I’m not used to being filmed. 

Here, Jack Sloth. Pose for the cam’ra! I’m gonna play with Jack Sloth and Moma Hazel for a bit, okay Nicole? 

Now it’s time for the most important part of the day! Beg ForestPoodle88 for more books! It’s fun too! I already tried physically beggin’, writin’ a letter and convincing Nicole to help. She is helpin’, by the way. So, I guess that leaves writing on the chalk board. 


There, done! Now ForestPoodle has no excuses not to give me more books! 

Time to go do something else until lunch. This is hard, because I can’t just beg Nicole to do something with me! Ahh. . . .

Um, I’m gonna do an experiment then. I pulled out our Bunny Burner from Doll Stem Camp a couple summers ago. 

It’s actually a Bunsen burner that we made following Doll Day’s tutorial, but yeah, Bunny Burner works, Sophie. 

I added fruity toothpaste, Frot Saled crunches (that’s a story for later) and maybe, just a bit of chalk . . . 

Okay, now do something, anything! Work, please! 

Still nothing. C’mon do it! I don’t care what! 

Sophie, push the burner aside. It’s 12:30 – lunch time. Oh, and sorry for interrupting the filming, Nicole!

It’s time for lunch! We got. . . um, I’m not sure what. Tomatoes and something. Hey, FP88, don’t steal my food! That’s mine!

It’s hard to reach your sandwich while filming! 

Okay, then take a small bit of video of me, then put it away and eat. 


I think it’s . . . uh [takes bite of sandwich] . . 

It’s rye bread – yuck – with cheese. The cheese is good. 

[click. Nicole turns camera off to eat her lunch.]

[1:16 pm. click. Camera is turned back on.]

Um, I just realized that the grocery list hanging on the fridge/radiator was very outdated, so now it’s my turn to rewrite the list for FP88. (That’s what I call her when I don’t want to say  the whole thing.) 

Nicole and I regularily rewrite and add things to the list. We do a better job. 

I want . . . books, ten of them. [scribbles ‘groceries’, then ‘books (10)’ on the list]

And normal bread, ’cause rye bread is not good! And fruit juice ’cause I like it. Bacon, for our tomato sandwiches. And pineapples, four of them. I like them a lot and so does Nicole. Broccolli. My favourite vegetable. And onions, ’cause they taste good too. [writes ‘normal bread, fruit juice, bacon, 4  pine apples, broccolli, onions’ on the list] 

Um, what else should I add?


What was that?!

Did my experiment finally do something?! 

Sophie! What did you do?

Yes! It worked, it worked, it worked! Yahoo!

Don’t touch it, Sophie!

Why not? It’s just candy, toothpaste and a small bit of chalk. Maybe it would have gone faster if I added more chalk. I’ll have to try that next time.

There had better not BE a next time! 

Uh, oh. That doesn’t sound good. I’m gonna clean this up real quick then. 

[click. Camera turns off to help clean up.]

[5:30 pm. click. Camera-doll turns it back on once the clean up is done and supper is ready.]

It’s now supper time. Nicole got demoted from camera-doll so that we could eat together. ForestPoodle’s on camera now. We get macaroni and cheese today. 

Like nearly every day?

Yeah, but it tastes good!

[click. Camera off.]

[8:27 pm. click. Camera back on.]

It’s now whatever time it is, which is time for bed. I played Uno with Nicole, but it wasn’t filmed ’cause ForestPoodle walked off to go do something. 

Now I’m brushing my teeth like we all should do before bed. Only, ForestPoodle had to write my name on my toothbrush because she kept forgetting who’s toothbrush was who’s. Nicole and I know that the green one’s mine and the turquoise one’s her’s though!

Once that’s done, I get in bed and read to my stuffies. There’s Dolphina and my currently one eyed pom-pom, Oogle. I’m reading to Nicole too, or I will be once I stop talkin’ and start readin’. 

‘Once upon a time . . . ‘


Okay, the story is over, I’m sleepy and I think I should go to bed. What do you think?

[8:59 pm. click. Camera turns off for a final time.]

*  *  *

I actually set the camera at Nicole height for this, so it really is Sophie’s day, from Nicole’s point of view. What did you think of it? Should I do one for Nicole too? 

I realize the format is a little odd, but I like it. :) Also, you haven’t seen Nicole in a while, because I keep on doing things with dear little Soph, but that’s not over quite yet. XD I have pictures of Sophie when we went up to the cottage in the middle of A Mystery of the Sisterly Sort, so those will be up, maybe next week, then it will finally be time to see the notorious Nicole! I’m sure she’s cooked up some schemes in the meanwhile! :D



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