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A Mystery of the Sisterly Sort | Part 7: The Lost Sister

Here’s the last part. The others are here: A Strange NoteUnder the BedThe Book UnreadClimbs and CluesCryptic Codes and The Word Remaining.

*  *  *

Then she jumped up. It’s CHICK IN HOOP! IMG_5253r.JPG

Or, with that thing that said ‘2nd “h” is a “c”‘, it’s Chick in Coop or Chicken Coop! Sophie cried. I know exactly where to go. 


Sophie pulled on her running shoes and went outside to the coop. (Which is not actually outside, because I was too lazy to take it out there.)

Hello Wilhelmina! Sophie said, preparing to look for a clue.


Suddenly, Nicole popped out of nowhere behind the chicken coop. Boo! 


AaaH! Sophie jumped, dropping her magnifying glass. (Which, being plastic hijacked from a ketchup bottle, did not break.) She ran towards Nicole and gave her a great big hug.


Glad you found me. It was getting hot back there. Nicole said. Did you have fun?

Ya! That was amazin’ Nicole! I need lunch tho’. 


Here. Nicole dug around in her bag and pulled out a small container.


She passed it to Sophie, who gleefully opened it.


Green olives! Yes! Sophie exclaimed. Nicole, you are positiv’ly the best sister ever! 

Nicole just smiled.


*  *  *

So, there. I hope you did enjoy this mystery-thing and you can still go back and comment on old posts – I like comments even if the post was from a while ago, just saying. :)

Anyhow, Sophie has found her sister and they are off to read Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban  Fairy Tales Gone Wonky together.

Here are some bonus pictures of Cole, just because.


Doesn’t she look cute with her hair in braids?


Anyhow, that’s that, and I’ll see you next week for something with FlamyFox13. You’ll see. :)


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