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A Mystery of the Sisterly Sort | Part 6: The Word Remaining

Okay, I’m finally back. I was up at out cottage again, so I think it has been over a week since the last one. Oooooppps. Well, it’s here now!

(The other parts, in order this time: A Strange NoteUnder the BedThe Book UnreadClimbs and Clues and Cryptic Codes)

*  *  *

She grabbed her yellow marker and began to decode, still ignoring the mess around her.


Uder he chair? What’s that ‘posed to mean? These aren’t even words! Sophie wondered. Nicole, as usual, was being cryptic and two of the neccessary letters were missing from the Morse Code chart.

I’ll never figure this out! Sophie wailed in despair. Suddenly she stopped. Wait, I do have a word! Chair! And there’s only one of those, so it’s got to be somewhere! Sophie ran over to the fancy chair and searched the cushion and chair back.


Finding nothing there, she crawled under the chair. Aha! Sophie tugged at a folded piece of paper tucked in the frame of the chair.


There we go! She got up, straightened her skirt and got ready to open the note. (She needs to straighten/fix her hair more than her skirt, but we’ll let that slide. :) And I needed to fix my lighting.)


Sophie opened the note carefully to reveal. . . A chick? She cried. It’s cute! Nicole did a good job drawin’ this. But what’s it in?


There was a drawing (which I am not going to describe because that will give it away) and below it was written:


What does this picture show?

(Btw, those are circles because wordpress won’t let me have squares! XD)

Sophie ran and grabbed her yellow marker again and sat there thinking for a very long long time. She looked at her other clues and notes for help. Then she jumped up. It’s 

Okay, as usual, solve it over the next few days, post your comments on what it is, then we’ll be back with the next part. This is the penultimate part and the last clue, if you wanted to know.


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