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A Mystery of the Sisterly Sort| Part 5: Cryptic Codes

Okay, I’m back! Today is actually Sisters Day, so I just wanted to point that out. Thank you to both of my sisters, OceanHorse36 and FlamyFox13, for, well, being my sisters! XD Sophie would be spending time with her sister too, if only she knew where she was.

Hopefully you looked hard and found that last clue, but if not, the other parts can be found here: The Book UnreadA Strange NoteClimbs and Clues and Under the Bed (in no specific order, just because).

I am realizing that this whole thing could probably be called a photo series and that I could have posted them evenly a week apart, but my original intention was to post one a day for a week, so . . . yeah. Halfway in between. :)

Anyway . . . here we go. Remember to comment with what you think the answer to the clue is when we get there.

*  *  *

. . . finally she found her next hint – BOOTS.


The beginnin’ of the sentences spell out a letter! Sophie said, getting up and heading for the shoe bin.


Sophie pulled it out and began throwing shoes out of the box, looking for the only pair of boots she knew of besides Hailey’s  – Nicole’s white, fluffy winter boots. They were no where to be found.

Hmph, said Sophie. Then she noticed a pair of boots on the floor beside her.


Oh! I forgot about those ones! she cried, shoving her hands deep into Nicole’s pink-plastic-cowboy-boots-that-you-will-likely-never-see-on-her-because-they-are-a-literal-pain-to-get-on-and-off-even-if-they-were-the-boots-that-came-with-her.  (Whew!)

Sophie wiggled her hands around. Nothing! I guess I will have to find the fluffy ones.


She stuck her head under my dresser, looking for another box.


Triumphantly, after pulling out and checking numerous other doll-related boxes, Sophie pulled out the right one and stood on top of it.


Ignoring the mess of shoes and other things around her, she flipped open the lid. There, on the right side, with all the other winter clothing, were Nicole’s wonderful boots.


Sophie reached her hand in and pulled out another clue.


Sophie unfolded it and found a strange pattern of dots and dashes. (Again, this is one of  those things I hope you can see clearly and will not type out.) It looked a lot like that other things she had found way earlier, under Nicole’s bed.


Sophie ran and grabbed the slip of paper from before, which she had left on the chair, and compared the two.

Ya, this is definitely written in Morse Code, Sophie said.


She grabbed her yellow marker and began to decode, still ignoring the mess around her.

As usual, you’ll need to wait for a couple days before I post the next one, time which you can use to solve this part. XD (What?! You don’t have time? It’s summer and there’s no where to go! :) )

Until later,


5 thoughts on “A Mystery of the Sisterly Sort| Part 5: Cryptic Codes

  1. Nicole! Why is there no N on your morse code sheet? N is – . isn’t it? Wait, there’s no G, J, or T either! I think that it spells out Under the chair, though.

    ~ FlamyFox13


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