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A Mystery of the Sisterly Sort | Part 3: The Book Unread

Ready for Part 3? Did you get the last two parts figured out? (See Part 1 and Part 2 here) Well, even if you didn’t solve it, Sophie is back!

     *  *  *

 . . . You-Know-Where . . . now where could that be? Sophie had no idea but it sounded like a Harry Potter reference. So she checked every Harry Potter-like spot in the house.


It’s not under the Hogwarts poster . . . although Voldemort doe’n’t like Hogwarts because of Dumbledore, so it can’t be that . . . 


It could be in the book Nicole left me with the first note.

But no, it was not in The Care of Magical Creatures.

Sophie didn’t think they had any other wizard-y things, but then she remembered,  The book bin! where both the Book of Spells and their new copy of The Prisoner of Azkaban were located. (She actually completely forgot the Gryffindor lion hanging on the wall by her bed, but that’s okay.)


Aha! Sophie checked the new book first. Neither she nor Nicole have actually read the the books, because I haven’t printed out the first book yet, and Nicole refuses to read the third book first, but that was the one I managed to find for this. They have, however, heard many stories about the Wizarding World and had been impatiently begging for the first book just yesterday.


As Sophie lifted the book out of the box and plopped down at the end of her bed, a piece of paper fell out, just as Sophie had hoped.

There! she exclaimed.


She pulled out her trusty magnifying glass and unfolded the paper. (See, in the upper left corner of this picture? That’s the lion she forgot!)


It looked confusing. (Again, I hope you can see the picture well enough because I have no idea how to even type that out!)

4 plus girl with clothes minus dr plus a poodle plus an apostroph-y s, girl minus lotte plus another girl minus ni? What?! Sophie said, bewildered. She had no idea what this was, but she thought about it for a long time, then she went and got her paper and yellow marker.

Okay, four plus . . . .

Yeah, not telling you. You can figure it out yourself! Mwah ha ha! XD (It’s a rebus, if that helps, but that’s all I’m telling you until Monday! Or maybe Tuesday. You’ll see then. ) Comment with what you think it is.

Alright, see you later and enjoy Nicole’s drawing skills!


P.S. Actually, one last thing. I should say in advance that it is really hard taking posing a soft-bodied doll, so apologies for the pictures in the next one . . .


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