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A Mystery of the Sisterly Sort | Part 2: Under the Bed

Okay, the second part of this Mystery is here! Did you solve the clue that Nicole left here? I hope so.

Continuing where we left off. . .

*  *  *

After a very thorough investigation, Sophie found that the capital letters spelled out something.

W, H, E, R, Sophie said as she wrote.


Wheret hemo nster slive? What’s that ‘posed to mean? She pondered.

Oh! Where the monsters live! Hunh, now where DO monsters live? The closet maybe, but we don’t have one of those, Sophie mumbled. When Nicole is not around, Sophie actually likes talking to herself, so as usual she was doing that.


Sophie got up, tucked her magnifying glass into her pocket and began to search.


Not in the couch cushion . . .


. . . and not under my bed even though monsters love under beds . . . 


Um . . . oh, I got it! Sophie pulled out a ball of crumpled paper.


It was another note, a poem this time.


It read:

To My Friends by Nicole

I want to see you

And my grandparents too

I miss you so much,

I want to eat lunch

And laugh with you

So I won’t be blue

Nicole is NOT good at poetry! And this does not look like a clue or a monster or anything. What am I even lookin’ for? Sophie exclaimed.


Sophie tried under Nicole’s bed again and this time found two more scraps of paper.


Okay, this looks promising!


In Nicole’s print, a few sentences were written.

You-Know-Where or The-place-that-must-not-be-named

it said.

There was also a copy of Morse Code, which I hope you can see, because I’m not typing it all out. :)

Sophie thought about it. The Morse Code paper did not look useful – she had nothing written in Morse Code, but You-Know-Where . . . now where could that be?

Of course, I’m not telling you.  This one is harder, so you’ll have to guess, but then again, so does Sophie, so it’s fine. XD

Where do you think it is? Again, you can guess in the comments. I’ll be back with more in a few days or so.

Have fun!


7 thoughts on “A Mystery of the Sisterly Sort | Part 2: Under the Bed

  1. Hmm. This is a tough one! I’m thinking it has something to do with Harry Potter. But there’s the cereal box where Sophie ate breakfast… and I think there’s a poster in another room. ??
    ~ FlamyFox13


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