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Warrior Queen | A Photo Shoot

Okay, here’s the photo shoot I promised. I loved Sophie’s outfit from the last photo story so much that I had to go out and take pictures of it! I just think her outfit is so cute and the pictures are honestly some of my best. They are just so clear and the lighting is pretty good.

I took all of these pictures on the birch tree at the back of our house. It’s a great spot for photos!

Yup, pictures of doll shoes. Of course!


This is one of my personal favourites. It’s so clear and Sophie looks good.



I tried to get her to hug the tree . . but with her cloth body and curved arms, it was a little difficult. I settled for this. It still looks good though.


You can see her hair is actually pretty nice now. I felt a little guilty after ‘When You Give A Doll A Hairbrush’ and even my mother commented on the state of her hair, so it was time to do something, even though I don’t have a metal hairbrush. I just used my sister’s hairbrush and the ends are still continually matting together, but it looks better than before.


She looks halfway between cunning warrior and cute Sophie. Either way, it’s a good combination! :)


Sophie: I like this one best! I really liked being high up and climbin’ the birch tree. 


I didn’t realize I took this picture at such an odd angle until I looked at the fence. XD



This one might be another one of my favourites.


Here’s another look at her sandals. I made them myself with paper, cardboard and lots of packing tape! :)


This might just become her new profile pic – it looks that good. Her eyes actually look blue!

That’s all for today, but I hope you enjoyed seeing these pictures of Sophie. Tell me in the comments which picture you liked best!

-ForestPoodle88 (and Sophie of course)

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