Dolls · Milestones

Happy Birthday Sophie!

As you can tell from the title, today is a very special day. Yup, it’s Sophie’s birthday! Honestly, I am not quite sure how old she is turning – in human years, or doll ones. Probably close to 7 or 8 in case you wanted a general age.

Anyhow, I took some picture of Sophie eating her cupcakes this morning. It’s Breakfast of Champions for her!


Nicole got to do all the important jobs. Taking pictures and . . .

. . . serving the cupcakes.

Wooo! Woooooo! I can’t blow ’em out Nicole! What kinda candles did you get? Woooooo! Wooo!

Um, real candles?

We made really good cupcakes! Best breakfast ever! And we’ve even got peach-cranberry juice.

Happy Birthday Sophie!

-ForestPoodle88, Sophie and Nicole

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