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When You Give A Doll A Hairbrush

It was a lovely rainy day, and Nicole and Sophie were playing scrabble together in the living room. Nicole had pulled a chair in from the bedroom, and deciding that the table was too low, had piled pillows under it. Sophie had complained about the table being too high, so Nicole made her sit on some more pillows. All in all, there were a lot of pillows.

They were having quite an enjoyable time, though Sophie kept on misspelling her words.

Nicole was just about to lose terribly to Sophie, when all of a sudden, the table finally fell over.

Well, we should have been expectin’ that. You put it on pillows Nicole! Sophie exclaimed.

Yeah, but it was going so well! Let’s clean this all up, and get back to our game. Nicole said.

Hey Nicole, what’s this? Sophie pulled something out of the mess and set it on her lap.

Um, I don’t know. It looks like . . . an elephant toothbrush? Nicole said hesitantly. 

It could be a weapon or a club. Sophie said, whacking Nicole on the arm.

It’s not that sharp. Nicole pointed out.

But it would make a good back scratcher. she said, climbing onto the chair, while Sophie pulled off her socks.

What about a balancing thing? It’s pretty fun! Sophie cried, standing on the head of the brush.

Let me try! Nicole said, pulling up her pants.

It could be slide. Sophie suggested, piling some pillows and sitting down. It’s a little small though, Nicole. 

We could pretend that it’s a horse’s saddle. Nicole said, running to get a piece of rope. Here, theses are the reins, you can be the horse’s head. 

But that one didn’t last very long.

Sophie didn’t like it and the brush soon shot out behind Nicole.

I know! Sophie said, brightening up again. It could be a catapult!

Sophie scooped some spilt scrabble tiles back into the bowl, Nicole held it to the end of the brush, and Sophie got ready to launch the bowl.

Ready? And go!! Sophie banged her hand down onto the brush.

The bowl shot high into the air, landing with a thwack not far from where it had started.

The brush flipped into the air as well, before landing right side up next to the now empty bowl.

Ya! That was fun! Let’s do it again!

So they spent the next half hour or so shooting scrabble tiles halfway across the room.  (quick note: the catapult actually hit me on the head the first time they sent it up . . . )

Finally they stopped.

What do we do with it now? Nicole asked, propping her foot up onto the chair to think.

Um, we could go ask Hailey. She’ll know what it is!

So they bundled into Nicole’s coats and some socks and shoes, and soon they were knocking on Hailey and Charlotte’s door.


Nicole, you’re knockin’ too much. 

Coming! called a voice from inside, and pretty soon Hailey was at the door (wearing Nicole’s clothes).

They walked into the Empty Room, joining Charlotte, who was sitting on the chair.

We have a problem, Nicole started, pulling the brush out of her hood.

We don’t know what this is. Sophie continued.

It could be, like, a thing to clean the floor. Like a scrub brush. Hailey said, Sophie’s small hand slipping into hers.

Like this? Nicole asked, demonstrating on the dust bunny floating around the room. (There actually was a dust bunny. You can’t really see it, but it is to the left of the brush. I’m not too sure I want to use the brush on my hair now ;) . . .  )

Have you tried a club? That’s what it looks like to me. Charlotte said.

We’ve already tried that, along with a lot of other things. Nicole said. We’ve used it as a balance thing, a club, a back scratcher . . .

A catapult. Sophie added. That one was the best. 

In that case, it could be a fly trap! See, the fly goes in and it traps the fly.

Has anyone seen something like this before? Nicole asked.

No. Hailey said.

Hmm . . . no I don’t think so. Charlotte replied. Wait, actually I have seen something like this before. Mommy used it on my hair once. She ran it through my hair and it made it less tangled. 

Like this? Nicole asked.


Well I don’t like it, but at least we know what it is now. Sophie decided. I still think the catapult was better. 

*   *   *   *   *

So that’s that for this post. I hope you enjoyed reading it. Thank you to FlamyFox13 for letting me borrow both Hailey and Charlotte and the Empty Room.

Also, no my dolls never really have seen a hairbrush. I’ll admit, that makes me a terrible doll-person, but I do not have a metal wig brush and I did not want to ruin their hair with a regular brush. Plus, it made for a good photo story! I have given Nicole’s hair a very thorough finger combing, but I think Sophie’s hair is a little too far gone for that. She’ll have dreadlocks soon if I leave it much longer. Any tips for fixing a rooted doll’s hair?

I realized after shooting this that Nicole and Sophie did not keep physical distancing from Charlotte and Hailey . . .

I hope all the people out there are faring well, and of course, comment if you can with how you are coping with this. I know the pandemic is not good, but it may encourage more connections. And, I would love to hear from my viewers.



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