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1 Year on Hedgehog Hollow!!!

The usual rules for a photo story apply here. Nicole speaks in green and Sophie is in orange. Sorry if this introduction is brief; I really want to get into the photostory! (I wanted to start right into it, but I thought you might get confused!)

*sigh* I have no idea how we’re going to get out of here. We’re lost, scratched up, cold –

I’m hungry.

And now hungry!

Do we have our compass?!

I don’t know. Did you pack one?

Ya. I think so. . .

*searches through bag* Nope. Not here. Only a magic marker, teddy bear and a pack of carrot seeds.

Oh. I guess I left it on the couch.

*bitterly* I suppose it’s a good thing it’s Marooned Without A Compass Day.


Is it really?!?!That’s lucky!

How? And yes it really is that day. 

It’s lucky ’cause that’s what’s actually happenin’ to us. Means we’ve got a chance of gettin’ outa here!


I dunno yet. Maybe if I sit on your shoulders we can see up high and find a way!

*dubiously* Sure. Hop on. Do you see anything?

Not yet . . . Wait! What’s that right there?

Where? I can’t see it!

‘Course you can’t see it. I’m the one up here, not you, silly!

Well, what is it?

Horsey Dear!


Ya! And she’s carryin’ a sign! It says . . . ” 7 followers, 28 posts, 2 great sisters, approx. 33 likes”

What’s it talking about?

Look look! The last line says “Thank you from Hedgehog Hollow”

Will they help us get out of here?

Ya! Just walk towards Horsey Dear! 

And which way is that?

Isn’t it obvi – oh right! You can’t see. Go right!

*turns right and starts walking*

I’m gonna fall!

Well, don’t!

. . .

Whew! That was tiring!!

Ya, but I did tell you we had a chance of makin’ it out!

I guess you did.

.  .  .  .  .

See? Look how much more trouble they would’ve been in if it hadn’t been for you, my dear followers.

Thank you for an amazing first year on Hedgehog Hollow, and please keep spreading the word about this small doll blog. I wouldn’t be here without my followers, family and siblings – FlamyFox13, OceanHorse36 and my younger brother.

Sophie and Nicole would like to thank all the other doll bloggers out there for inspiring me, ForestPoodle88, to start blogging and sharing their adventures with the world – even though Nicole thinks this “bloggy-thing” should be hers! So thank you to all the doll bloggers all around the world for inspiring us and keeping the doll community alive!

Keep blogging,


P.S. Sorry about the blurryness of the Horsey Dear pictures because A) I was trying to take these early this morning and B) let’s just say she was running. Yes, her name really is Horsey Dear – I’ll explain it another time when I don’t have to rush off to school. 😆

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