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Tree Pirate – A Photo Shoot

As promised, here is Nicole’s photo shoot in her new sundress! We took these out in our backyard a morning a couple days ago, but no, I haven’t edited anything. (I’m not sure how to do that yet, so all of my pictures are pretty much straight off the camera.)

I don’t know if you can tell from the pictures, but her sundress (or whatever it is) has silver glittery straps and ruffles running down the sides.

Okay, here we go! Just to make things more interesting, I’ve let Nicole write her comments on these photos too. She says it’s an important part in taking over these “bloggy-things”.

As usual, Nicole will be writing in green, while I will be in this grey colour.

I  really like this picture of her kinda walking through the grass. You can also see the ruffle down the side of the dress well.

Yeah, but it made my feet wet! The grass was still damp from the dew. (Side note: Nicole is not actually typing this, she’s only saying what she wants written, because you guys all saw a couple posts ago how bad she is at typing!)

It still looks nice, especially with the faint waves left in your hair from the braid.


Then I leaned against this nice big tree.

It’s not actually a big tree, Nicole.😃

It’s not?!??! But it’s, like, 15 times my height! That’s huge!

And you are only 18 inches tall. Everything looks huge from your point of view!

This is my favourite picture! I felt so cool swinging from the tree branches, with the wind in my hair. You know what? I felt like a tree pirate! It was so high up and awesome!

That is a great picture. I might put it on as one of your profile pictures.

Yeah, do that!!

This was from on top of our slide-structure-thing. It’s kinda old, so parts of it are rotting or covered in moss/lichen/something.

I liked it. I was just upset that Mommy wouldn’t let me go down the slide. She said she didn’t want me to get my new dress dirty.

Also, there is the fact that you kinda didn’t have any underwear on . . .😄

I really like the contrast of her black and white feet with the green of the moss in this photo.

What’s so great about a picture of my feet?

Ahh. . . you wouldn’t understand. It’s kinda a thing, to take pictures of a doll’s feet.

Okey-doke. . .

This one’s pretty, but I had to hold onto her arm while I took it so she wouldn’t fall again.

Hey, I like falling!!! 

You do not.

Well, I fall so often, I might as well enjoy it, right?😆

For some reason, I quite like this picture. Maybe it’s the simplicity of her against the green leaves.

And then, of course, Mommy had to take the exact same photo, but in black and white! Borrringg!

Hey! I think it’s nice.

I like relaxing in trees.

So there you have it. Nicole’s first photo shoot!

-ForestPoodle88🐩 and Nicole the Awesome⚓


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