Introducing Moma Hazel and Jack Sloth

As you may know, Nicole and Sophie have two hamsters, Moma Hazel and Jack Sloth. I realized today that I had never truly introduced them to you, nor had I ever shown you what they even look like.

So, here they are!

This is the front of their popsicle stick cage.

And, the inside. There’s Jack Sloth in the upper corner drinking water, and there’s Moma Hazel in the bottom corner eating.

This is Jack Sloth! You can tell why he’s named “Sloth” although I’m not sure why or how “Jack Frost” fits into him. He’s too cute to be frosty!

This is Moma Hazel. She has three little hamsters: Jack Sloth, Luna Moona (Emilia’s hamster) and Lady Samantha (Charlotte and Hailey’s hamster).

Here’s their water bottle, made out of a tiny straw, a bit of plastic pipe and some glue.

And finally, The Lunicorns! The Lunicorns are a band that FlamyFox13 and I made up, one that Sophie and Charlotte really like. Supposedly, they sing about Unicorns, specifically the planetary ones like those that live on the moon (hence Lune (French for moon) Unicorns). There are 5 members to this band and they each play a different instrument. Jessie (Moon-Shimmer) plays trumpet, Taylor (Sky-Dust) plays guitar, Eric (Mars-Beam) plays drums, Cecelia (Sun-Sparkle) plays cello, and Jaden (Star-Light) plays keyboard.

Alright, so now you know who Moma Hazel, Jack Sloth and The Lunicorns all are!


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