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My New Chicken!!!

Okay, so you can probably tell from the title what this post is about, but seriously, she is so cute!πŸ”

Meet Wilhelmina, my lovely hen! (Yes, her name is a little odd and old-fashioned, but for some reason, I think that chickens should have cool, interesting names.)

I made Wilhelmina myself out of some wool roving, paper and 2 beads. She is needlefelted, so she is soooo soft. She feels like a mix between a chicken (a least, what I think a chicken should feel like) and a sheepπŸ‘.

I don’t have any chickens myself (I wish I did!), but now my dolls do, so that’s good, too. As far as doll chickens go, Wilhelmina is the best I have seen! And I’m not saying that just because she’s mine.πŸ˜‰

Here’s a view of Willy’s very pretty tail.😜

And, here’s Wilhelmina in comparison to Sophie.

The girls, along with their cousins Emilia, Hailey and Charlotte, headed off the camp this weekend and, because I am one of their counsellors, (along with being an aunt to their cousins) I get to be called “Aunty John Deere” for the next few weeks. I mean, it kinda was my idea, but still. . .

These are Sophie’s new shoes! They were previously plain white, but I used Sharpies and rubbing alcohol to spruce them up. I also relaced them because they are way too big on poor Soph’s little feet and I needed them to stay on.


See how big they are?

Also, here’s a close up of her overalls. I made them a while back (before I started this blog, I think).

Okay, that’s it for today, but I’ll post again once the dollies do some more Summer on the Farm camp activities.

Happy Summer!



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