Dolls · Photo Shoot

Random Pictures

Today’s post is a bunch of random and potentially (that’s my new favourite word) weird photos.

Ready for this? Let’s go!

Nicole as a miner.


An old building in Quebec City, Canada, flying a flag at sunset.
Montmerency Falls, also in Quebec.


Batisse the goat, Quebec’s mascot.

You can tell I’ve been to Quebec, right?

Nicole, trying to dress in as many items of the same colour.
Sophie, doing the same challenge as Nicole, and looking like an old granny.
And Charlotte, wearing as many pink items as possible.
Hailey, doing the same as the other dolls, but looking more like a jogging Minnie Mouse.


Hopewell Rocks in New Brunswick, Canada.


A stone mouse, Eckhart, in downtown Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada.


A butterfly that I took a picture of out on the East coast of Canada.


The Running of the Sheep at the Fortress of Louisbourg, Nova Scotia, Canada.


Nicole, dressed to go to the beach.


There you have it; dolls and some random pictures from my travels.

Happy June!



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