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Maplelea Inspired Drawings

Along with writing and crafting, I also like to draw. Here are some of my drawings inspired by Canadian doll company Maplelea (pronounced “Maple – lee”). As with “The Chase”, my quality of pictures is not very good. It looked a lot better on my camera, but what can you do.

I’ve taken pictures from the Maplelea magazines from 2014 – 2017 to illustrate the clothing and dolls I was trying to replicate. Please note that, although the dolls are Maplelea, all names and personalities, unless otherwise noted, are my own.

This first image is of a sleepover.

All of the items in the picture (including the girls) are Maplelea, except for the dress Josie is wearing.

This is Josephine, who is the Maplelea Friend KMF28 (like American Girl’s Truly Me line). She is wearing the Nightingale Nightwear pajamas and socks of my own creation.



Here’s Josie, who I mentioned above. Yes, she is wearing a nightgown I designed; the Forget-Me-Not Nightgown! This was my first try designing and drawing clothes, so I think it worked well😃.Josie is KMF10, sitting on the Slumber Lounge with Bennett, her Golden Lab.


Onto the last girl, Georgia.

She is KMF12, one of my favourites and one of the two black dolls (yeah, you heard me; only two black dolls when there are, like, 25 white ones). Here she is wearing the Dream Team PJs and is snuggling in the Arctic Fun comforter.


Okay, here are a few more drawings.

This is Lara, a young gymnast and possibly my favourite of these drawings! Her doll number is in the picture below, and she’s wearing the Personal Best leotard.



Here’s Jenna, one of Maplelea’s seven characters, in her Highland Lass outfit. I’m not so pleased with how her face turned out, but her kilt and socks look amazing.

And finally, here’s Brianne, another one of Maplelea’s characters with her cow and Udderly Adorable outfit. I absolutely love the cow, so it makes sense that I drew it.


There, that’s it for today and I hope these inspire you to draw your own doll pictures, even if it’s just of the dolls you own.


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