Photo Shoot

“The Chase” and Other Random Photos

Recently I just went around my sister’s room with my camera, looking for things of interest. It was pretty fun taking pictures of random things. Please note that I am not the best photographer, but I still enjoy trying😜.

Here’s what I found, along with a mini photo series called “The Chase”. Sorry about the quality of the pictures; as I said before, 😃they are really random and spontaneous.

This is the sign of FlamyFox13 (my sister) ‘s Lego school, along with the resident dragon Sparka.

I like this picture even though it’s really blurry. The composition is pretty good.

Here’s a nice blurry picture of Lego person Claire snuggling with her Fawn. This one would look a lot better if it were in focus, but hey, apparently I can’t hold my hand very steady!

And here’s a picture of Erin taking a picture of me, who is taking a picture of her!

Not too sure who this Lego person is, but this looked cool sitting there on the shelf, so I snapped a picture.

This picture also looks cool. You can faintly see the grid lines of the screen on the window and the rain on the tree shows a bit too, which is nice.


Onto what you have all been waiting for . . . . .

My epic photo series . . .

“The Chase”, featuring a bunch of Lego dogs and a multitude of animals that can be chased.

Here are the main dogs doing the chasing.

From left to right, here they are: One of my younger sister’s dogs; Sunny; Petey; my brother’s Lego dog (I’m not sure he has a name, but it might be Cookie); Melissa; another one of my younger sister’s dogs (possibly Scarlett, tho’ I’m not sure); and Muffin.

And here are the chases . . .

They are slightly blurry, but purposely so; I was trying to get it to look like they are all running.

Peggy the bunny being chased by my brother’s dog. (Yes, the dog has a ladybug on his back)

Sandy the squirrel being chased by Petey the pug. (Sandy has a tassel on her tail, in case you were wondering what that was)


My younger sister’s sheep being chased by Muffin. (Don’t you just love the sheep’s polka dot coat?)


A Lego Elves goblin being chased by Melissa. (She wanted his chicken wing🍗)  


Sparka the dragon being chased through water by some dog (I’m not quite sure which of my sisters’s dogs this is and yes, the dog is driving a small motor boat)

IMG_3173 IMG_3184

A hedgehog whose name is probably Petunia being chased by one of my younger sister’s dogs. (They are running through a forest/green space of some kind)

And now for the grand finale . . . a classic image of a dog chasing a cat!


Wait, that’s not a dog chasing a cat, that’s 14 dogs chasing a cat! Oh no! Run Kat!


Here’s a good view of what the cat sees and what the cat really looks like. (No, she’s not actually a grey blob)


Also, here’s the dogs’ view of chasing after the cat (the tiny speck of grey in the distance).

Okay, I think that’s all for today. I hope you enjoyed looking at these pictures.

Happy May!

-ForestPoodle88 🐩


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