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Happy Holidays: A Doll Photo-Story


Today I will be sharing with you a doll decorating photo-story/photo shoot. Anything said by Nicole (blonde doll with bangs) will be written in green, while anything said by Sophie (smaller, younger blonde doll) will be in orange. I will be writing in this black/grey colour as usual. Here we go!


It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!


Whad’ya mean beginnin’? Christmas time started over a month ago!


Well, it is the 15th of December, but the first was definitely not a month ago!

Silly! Christmastime starts the 1st of November! Can we decorate now?


Let’s tidy up a bit first. Here, help me fold this, will you?


Where do I put Hailey’s shirt?

Uuhhh. . . Give it to Mommy!



Alright, now let’s ask Mommy for the decorations.


Here you go, girls.

Ooohhh. . . That’s a mess!

Yes, well. . .

Let’s get to work. (humming a Christmas tune)

Hurray! Da Da Duh Da Duh. . .  (saying a song while decorating a chair)

Shoes off! . . .

Net-y thing on!

Fa la la la la! La la la la !

Now. . . what to do with this. . . Aha!

Eeeeee. . . what a tangle. Help!

40 Minutes Later

Finally! That looks nice.

Hard to reach!! Nicole, I wanna make a wreath. You’ll help me?

I’m makin’ the berries.

I’ll shape the actual wreath.

Can ya help me with the cutting?


(fidgeting with excitement) First berry!

What should we do with this?

Put it on my foot.

Ta da! All done!

Aaahhh. . . Time to relax!

Happy Holidays from the Hedgehog Hollow Crew!

I hope you enjoyed this little story and have a great winter break,                                                                                                                 ForestPoodle88

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